Gears franchise sometimes on the NFL Super Bowl week we get Thrashball characters

Hey TC for the February 13 2022 NFL Super Bowl can we get
Thrashball Sniper? Please to complete the Thrashball skins



How about Josh Allen in a Pats uniform? :wink:


How about Brett Favre kicking Drew Bledsoe’s ■■■?

(Yes, I’m old, shut up.)


4th and 26.

Also I wasnt even born when Bledsoe got his injury. Just let that soak in.

I do remember Farve as a Viking though :wink:


■■■■ you, you’re not even an Eagles fan.

■■■■ you.

■■■■. YOU.


John Elway?

I’m a closet Broncos fan, my family likes them so I typically watch them when my pats arent being the father of the AFC East.

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I’m running out of ways to escalate the “■■■■ you” bit.

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This might make you happy.

I didnt feel anything when Brady left.

I actually became an official fan after he left :joy:

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Nah. The only thing that’ll make me happy is a super bowl. My Packers have been this close almost every year since 2011 and we haven’t even played in one. Meanwhile the Pats have just sort of won the AFC by default for the better part of two decades.

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I have to thank the Steelers this season for their contribution for us staying in the AFC lol.

Hey man… not my fault the fins havent been good since the 80s :joy: they are doing decent this season though.

Jets?? Um… blame them for the Bledsoe injury.

Buffalo? They had their moment last year. Now its Mac Daddy season :sunglasses::sunglasses:

I watched the Packers and Bears game that was on a week back, question. What’s “the belt”?



Aaron Rodgers in their super bowl season pantomimed a championship belt when he scored a touchdown. That then became his signature move and Statefarm commercials dubbed it “The Discount Double Check” in 2011 when the Packers went 15-1 and he was the unanimous MVP.

It’s kinda like Cam Newton’s Superman celebration. He’s just known for it now.


Oh… that’s actually pretty cool.

I don’t understand why the bears mock it. Dont you guys own their franchise?

Yeah… cam definitely wasnt doing that for us when he played for NE lol.


You know how your whole division hates you guys? Ours hates us too. Even if we haven’t won Super Bowls, we’ve more or less owned the entire NFC North/Central since Favre got to Green Bay. There are occasional years where the Vikings win the division, but otherwise, we beat them every year. They hate us.

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Yeah me and wicked go back and forth lol.

You see I’m pretty new to football. Like even when I started liking the Pats I had zero idea how hated they were. I didnt even know they had 3 rings in the 2000s :joy:
I picked them because of the Hawks and pats superbowl, I liked NEs colors better so I picked them. And that’s why I’m still with them lmao.

That’s why I didn’t really mind Brady leaving, I dont really have any attachment to him because I didnt watch him grow with the pats. Hes a legend ofc but I’m more excited for the new guys who came to NE. Especially my boy Mac, I like him alot.

I’m still learning things as of now, it’s strange because I kinda support the fins even though they are in my division, its because my dads a fins fan so I root for them when they are on. Obviously not when we play because we play them in Jan.

Hopefully we spank them because we lost to them in week 1.

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I’ve been watching the NFL since 1994 and I have built up a lot of grudges. There are very few teams I don’t hate for something I remember them doing.

Sports are dumb. We shouldn’t watch them.


I have my first grudge. I’m quite proud of it.

Jonathan Taylor.

One dude ran through us on Saturday.

By family creed, we arent supposed to support Cowboys, Steelers or Raiders.


Yikes NEVER Josh in a cheats uniform ugh

It’s alright.

I’ll take being called a cheater anyday, we beat you guys in your own stadium by only running the ball :sunglasses:

You gonna watch the Raiders game?


@grey_mineman likes a few teams… But I might cry a little if Buffalo loses Sunday not gunna lie.