Gears for is 100GB ;/

Anyway you can shrink it down so i can only install the multiplayer? I dont mind 80Gb but, 100GB is way too much.

Sorry but that isn’t possible.

Actually it’s more like 130GB by now.

One can only hope they learn some compression techniques for Gears 5.

Heard from a friend that a lot of these “Nex Gen” games are like 100gb now. Only example given was CoD though.

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Halo is also around 100gb

I remember the size was much bigger. Around rise of horde update, they did compression in file size.

Just get yourself a 2gig external memory unit. I have the xbox branded one, would love the Gears one but rare as Rocking Horse manure . Actually also have the ps4 version as well.

Storage is so cheap these days. Gears 4 is equivalent to about $6 in storage. Under $5 if you buy a large drive. The difference between it and similar games is a couple bucks.

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FF XV is around 160gb. And games that have 4K are massive

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Shadow of War is also 150+ GB

High res textures certainly have a massive footprint!

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Its possible microsoft has an option in the storage for shrinkable games. Its no diffrent from using disc 1 then popping in disc 2.

I’m not sure what you mean here, what possible technology are you talking about? Do you mean having an option to not have the highest res textures, or zip the game?

If it was no different then you would get to a point where you got up to “part 2” and then had to delete part 1 and install part 2 to continue. That isn’t feasible given many peoples bandwidth.

The best option for managing the storage footprint would be to allow people to only install campaign, versus or horde as separate parts, is this what you are suggesting?

The number of assets and the presence of cutscenes play a part as well. For example, Sekiro just came out and it is “only” 12.58 gb; among the various factors being that game only has the intro cinematic.

Further, some of the data is unnecessary filler left over from development that likely has been replaced at some point. Good compression can get of most of it, but optimization costs time and resources so sometimes they just leave it in.

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