Gears fans don’t know what they want

There are plenty reasons that we get what we want and still complain. Just one example is river. River has been asked for about 4 years now. We finally get it and it and it barley gets picked. I knew that would happen. Choosing checkout, blood drive over it every time. Gears fans are so lost on what they really want. So maybe we should just stop asking things and just let them make what they want.


I don’t think that’s strictly true. I think it’s a case of the GOW fanbase being very split - one portion loves River; and another portion don’t.

Alternatively it could be that the fanbase loved the idea of River, but when it was finally released they realised that they were blinded by nostalgia.


Let them do what they want, and we get the hero system travesty all over again where they needed to change it over a year post the game’s launch date. Sure, that’s a great idea…


I loved the hero system, and it’s still good as a class system. Win win, River is a cool map but I’m tired of the same 5 gears maps. I preferred process and garden I believe they were called? Get some obscure maps or new maps back in.


Perhaps, but me personally I love it… and I was concerned about it for that Nostalgia reason, not for me cause I started on 4, so 1st time I even played it, but I was familar with the maps layout from old videos and such and also I knew the lancer cross play has come a long way since it was last played by people that some people weren’t considering… but regardless I had that concern going in but haven’t had any problems with it yet.


Sorry but but the River re-make is bad. That is the reason is not picked up


I get your point, but also a bad example because this is the 1st time River has even been back… now if you had started that sentence with Gridlock, then you’d be onto something lol

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Why is it bad??

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Over played is over played no matter what games they were over played on.

Well 1st off that’s not how you worded it, your wording “tired of the same 5 gears maps” strictly implies 5 maps that keep getting brought back or playing the same 5 maps over and over… but you never made clear which version of that you meant, if you meant either of those at all, you certainly didn’t imply tired of a map that was overplayed on Gears 2 if that’s what you meant, which I’m gathering from “doesn’t matter what game”.

2ndly, barring the campaign, never played Gears 2 so I wouldn’t know. However what I do know, you can’t seriously be mad about it being overplayed on G2 when you’ve had how many years since then? Now I’m confused lol.

I’m not even trying to be rude or anything, I just find it odd to say you’re sick of it in the sense you’ve played it to death, if on 5 already then you might play far more than even me cause I play a few hours a day and still only land on it maybe 3 times total (shrugs) if that’s the case tho then ok I understand, but if not, if more a case of tired of the same old maps coming back all the time, which is how your original message sounded, then again Gridlock, Checkout, Blood Drive, Canals(and I like Canals mind you, but it has made quite a few returns, which is point at hand)… those make sense for the statement, but not one that hasn’t been in rotation for years.

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The reasons people don’t vote this map .

  1. There’s always that player , even on both teams where the continuously sit in those houses with a torque bow and sniper being super campy and annoying .
  2. it’s so easy to spawn trap
  1. The hype for this map was dead after the first play through .

River is a great map it just pops up too often, we are still a good few maps short of a healthy rotation to me


Yes! Process and Garden were GREAT maps!

I don’t believe they’ve been seen since that expansion to GoW1

Could be wrong though


F that. IMO Every map in gears history should be in 5. Either good or bad. The maps added should only be new maps. Kinda like how super smash bros has every has character it previously did and only added new ones

I don’t want old maps.

I want fresh new maps.

Personally, after 15 new maps then we can start bringing back old maps.

Give us time to enjoy the new products because you’re right. Most people choose the same old maps.

It’s tiresome.

I hate blood drive, checkout, reclaimed.

I like the maps, but cmon. I’m tired of playing the same maps since gears of war 2. & the community just spams tf out of it.

Maybe don’t put it so much in map rotations.

That’s also why I took a break. Same old freakin maps instead of the original gears 5 maps or newer maps.

I freakin hate that with a passion.

I’m not even motivated to play after playing these same maps for over 7-10 years.

I want new stuff to play on. Nexus is a wonderful breathe of fresh air & regency.

I like Pahanu, ice bound, training grounds.

I know new maps get a bunch of negative feedback but you can play any style you want. Every map is crossy givin the opponent. Pahanu & ice bound aren’t that bad compared to reclaimed, blood drive, checkout - now those maps are beyond crossy, more so Pahanu & ice bound.

All the new maps are really awesome.

River is too but the way the choices are it’s always redundant. Really takes away from the experience considering a king game can last 20-50 minutes.

Then to play the same map 2x or 3x consecutively after the plethora of map choices is just deterring.


I like River (for Horde), but the stupid elite drones largely make standing up top impossible, so it just becomes a “:defend a single doorway” horde map… Gets boring very quickly.

And setting up in the spawn, there is nothing special/unique about it…

So I don’t hate that they brought it back, but it’s really nothing special, in the current game, I think…

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Its because people base their opinions on nostalgia and not on logic, its why you see people asking for subpar Versus maps like Overpass or Nowhere and so on, they don’t give two damns about whether or not it will work well for the game, same reason we got Drydock/Rustlung…

Only solution that I see would be if TC actually knew better but they don’t… We could’ve had Academy or Aftermath or Depths :man_facepalming:

If a map takes months of additional time (especially a remake) because it has bad map flow (another word for camping) then that should be a warning sign that maybe its not worth remaking in the first place.

Hate to say I told you so but I called this many months ago
For the Love of Gears stop remaking awful maps - Gears 5 - Gears Forums (


A game that works with maps that actually play well, with a good tuning. I said ad nauseam how River would bever work with TCs Gears games tuning and movement…and it’s pretty much exactly how I said it would turned out.

And Harbor in 5. That map is like Cove but not fun. Drydovk and River both have a spawn trapping issue. you can still spawntrap on Gears 5 River and theres STILL only a single way across the map. It wouldn’t play well with KOTH and TDM I said. And lo and behold…I was vindicated.

Of course when they listen to those false bravado pros (who play in a vacuum on LAN, where there’s fewer connection issues, rather than online) Shadowz the “hashtag free Anthony and Ben” spammer…what do you expect?

Honestly Shadowz reminds me of that Dream guy that plays minecraft. His simp army will do whatever he wants in the hopes of getting noticed by him.

Although to their credit Dream’s fans are mostly young kids…so what does that tell you when Shadowz’ fans should be acting like adults instead of spamming chat but act like a horde of kids?

TC listens to the obnoxious loud minority of people who can’t think objectively.

Edit: minority not majority. Blame autocorrect

But when we tell them how bad 4v4 and the tuning will be they stick fingers in their ears and say how great it’ll be because their so called influencers like it.


Well Harbor I would argue is a superior map to River, both for Horde and PvP, its really setup heavy and has lots of camping but its not like River where you can just camp all game with no punishment.

For the record I am aware that they improved River to what it once was (extra path from spawn to boom, changes at snipe area) but I just think its about like if they remade Overpass, no way to “fix” it.

Gears of War has always had a history with remaking maps, and its hit or miss. Going back to Gears of War 3 Escalation was definitely a huge miss in my eyes, it was a great execution map but lord was it a trash for everything else (which was common in those days) so its like they just remade it without thinking about what made it great. River was amazing for Guardian especially (which is drastically less popular than what it once was) and worked a lot better for Execution because of how awful the rifles/host advantage was and so setups weren’t really as feasible back then.

Again, they just need to have someone on their team that understands map design well, someone that know what works and what doesn’t for Gears 5/6 and so on. People forget that BloodDrive was far and away the best Gears 2 map… why is it not as good now? Because Gears has changed. Just because a map worked well for one game doesn’t mean it’ll well for all of them (Gridlock/BloodDrive work okay still but they are average at best)