Gears esports weapon skin sets in game store request 🤍

Can the in game esports store cycle through esports weapon skin sets from the esports streams like = views skins & redeem skins & the esports weapon sets from the in game store it be a good idea to bring all sets to the in game esports store.


Yeah if TC wants the fanbase to hate them even more and to stop people from watching esports. Its not like esports is heavily popular in the community anyways.

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Yes but they got them for free at no cost.

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But they had to waste their time watching the streams.

They would obviously charge them since its esports.

And like I said, people would be upset they wasted their time on skins that couldve just purchased in the shop to begin with

In Gears 4 TC brought back the esports pack weapon skins set to the store but left out the esports redeem ones

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That’s different, those were purchasable with money. And they also were far more cheaper than the multiple $10 you had to buy to complete the set.

The redeem ones should be left as is but old purchasable skins should be rotated out regularly.

The same follows with BS skins that they have been releasing.

I have everything but I still wish after operation 8 that they release almost all the exclusive content why because to keep people playing keep it colorful at that point it be ok


That’ won’t happen.
TC already made clear that they are NOT re-releasing ToD General-rank rewards, special-edition-exclusive skins(Ice Jack, Ice Kait, Glacial Kait…) and etc. :wink:

Already did. Stream-skins were sold in the store before - and most sets were released well over a year ago and afaik were never advertised as exclusive.

Read carefully. He said “release ALL the exclusive content”, which won’t happen. :wink:

The game not has a transaction system,So some items can’t be traded even though people earned and they never want to use.

I agree,

Stream Skins should be offered in the store.

I’m never going to watch a Stream, I find it really boring however to miss out on content because of it is a little bit sad.

Watch Stream = Free Skins

Skins in Store = Paid Skins

Money from paid skins can go back into streams / prize pool.

So it’s a Win-Win for TC & the fans.