Gears esports skins missing from the store list ❤️‍🔥

Black Steel
Phantom Team

these but I know we’ll never get them

When TC ever I hope till 2023 but when TC pulls completely out of game then all exclusive items should be put in store so me & my friends look colorful in game so cool

I wouldn’t think any skins sets that were entirely exclusive to the stream (as in the whole set was for watching the steam, not the loadout in the store and the rest in the stream) will be in the store.

Black Steel, Team Phantom, Desperado, Syndrome are skins that I know the entire set (loadout and the rest) were only streams. Wyvern you had to do participate in some esports matches to get a few of them im fairly certian.

I back everyone up because I have done it all :100: completed

Closed Beta & Open Beta.
Pre ordered.
Purchase items with DLC included.
Playing in game events to unlock also just by playing to a date to unlock an item.
Playing campaign to unlock.
Showing up to a Gears esports 2v2 tournament to play unlock items.
Viewing stream to unlock skins.

(Also if you got a skin for (FREE) by playing a event date or logging in to a date, viewing stream anything that came free to you because esports made it free to you or TC towards Gears 5 something & now TC wants to make money in store who cares you got it for free lucky you again who cares move on buddy) And yes I have all of these skins completed so it’s cost me a lot of money from ordering items or driving my civic to San Diego California 6 to 7 hours to jump in a 2v2 tournament. You know what I don’t care open up the store when TC says there done with the game but TC is not done so far we have seasons that have top 1000 rewards & esports till June 2022. So Gears is till active right now.
Remember for free is the best logging in to play logging in to view to claim register to esports to play, playing in beta it’s free so let TC make that money you got it for FREE. Move on.
PS. Don’t complain when you got it for FREE please move on. & have a Happy New Year. Remember in real life you got the cash you can buy anything in real life don’t hate on another man’s hustle. Poor people get free stuff because they are too sick to work injured or lots of kids to feed & we as taxpayers it cost us that’s life Gears should to the same so again if you get it for free keep quiet. Remember the poor people in our nation never complain what comes free to them like food jobs & Unemployment they take for free & never complain so why should you now it’s time for TC to make money. The message of the day keep🤫

I hope they never come to the store lol.


LOL same.

I feel you guys but remember does the pool complain when food & unemployment & housing & clothing are free to them? Do the poor get mad at people that work 40hours a week to buy the same milk they got for FREE? Come on guys it’s just like real life. I would prefer to say I bought it vs I got it for free thats just me. I’m a City Worker in Salinas California.

Theyre talking about in game rewards that were said to be exclusive not real life applications of whether or not less fortunate people get mad at people with jobs.

Like wtf.


It’s just a game. exclusive should be only till the Developers stop being active in game then open the store up to everything. Colorful world for me & my Gear friends. Looks cool in game.

FYI I’m like the biggest left-wing socialist here too. Just ask @TC_Clown I make Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn look like centralists. But comparing availability of game items to real life essentials is ridiculous.


i never knew exclusive items live upto to everyday things like that wowow, lol

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Video game skins are a human right


You good bro?

What happened to you in high school?

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LuL you’ll never get Wyvern cry more JAJAJAJAJAJJA

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