Gears Esports Season 1 skins

(II3DwinII) #1

I think I’m one of the people who do not have, the Lancer of the season 1 of OpTic Gaming. My opinion is that the Lancer of season 2 is ugly, I like the Lancer of season 1, I would pay for the Lancer Season 1 if TC brings it back for a period of one week, that if the Lancer is half the price that when it was for sale. I only ask for the Lancer of OpTic Gaming but I’m sure there are people who ask for the Echo Fox for example. TC brings the old packages of the supporter packs, why they do not bring the weapon skins of the season 1? Bring them back so the players who don’t have the season 1 skins that want them, have the opportunity to buy them

(DarkChaoz95) #2

It wont happen because the skin was season 1 exclusive. That was the entire purpose 9f the skin, to promote one of thr top placing team during season 1.

It just doesnt make sense season 1 skins return in season 2. If you missed it, then you missed it unfortunately.

(Belkain) #3

It’s the classical “I don’t want it but since I can no longer get it, now I want it” syndrome.

It was available in the store for a looong time, not just a few times / events like regular skins. If you didn’t get it you weren’t playing gears and if you were, then it’s what I mentioned above.

(DarkChaoz95) #4

If people really wanted it, then perhaps TC can bring it back and double the price :stuck_out_tongue:

(Belkain) #5

While I do appreciate some degree of exclusivity for some items, everything paid with real money should be available at all times, seems only logical to me yet we can all agree that TC has some strange twisted logic / reason / common sense, what ever you want to call it way of thinking.

(RainbowWonka32) #6

Yeah they should bundle them together so if you buy Optic S2 skin set you will get Optic S1 lancer as a bonus & if you buy Echo fox S2 skin set you will get S1 Echo Fox Lancer as a bonus

Buy Optic S2 skin set = Optic S2 Lancer, Gnasher, Snub + Optic S1 Lancer as a bonus

Buy Echo Fox S2 skin set = Echo Fox S2 Lancer, Gnasher, Snub + Echo Fox S1 Lancer as a bonus

And for anyone that already bought the S2 set of either EF or Optic, TC can look at the data in see who bought them in send out the S1 lancers retroactively to those who already bought the S2 set

I don’t agree with the whole mentality of “If you didn’t get it in the time frame they were up well i’m so sorry you just can’t get them”

(II3DwinII) #7

That’s a great solution

(API) #8

Nah. Some things are there to show “I’ve been there”. Why should you get a S1 supporter Lancer when you weren’t supporting them in S1? I didn’t support Optic in S1 because I hate Icy and Lava. But in S2 when those players are no longer on the team, I bought the skins. I don’t deserve a S1 Lancer for Optic because I didn’t support them at the time.

It’s cool that when you see people with the S1 Optic lancer, you know they’ve been a fan of Optic for a long time. Your solution would ruin that.

Your opinion is wrong /s

But seriously, the S2 Lancer is way better IMO. Has a glowing effect that looks great on a white background with a Black Steel character.

(II3DwinII) #9

I said “MY OPINION” theres no wrong or correct opinion.

(API) #10

I know. I put /s which represents sarcasm

(Gnashty Damerch) #11

Sorry, your opinions are still factually incorrect.

(II3DwinII) #12

well, explain, give your arguments

(Gnashty Damerch) #13

API and I are both joking :roll_eyes: