Gears esports scene

So in GoW 4 we were introduced to escalation which combined elements from both execution and KotH with some extra twists which is awesome but I feel like it’s a lot to explain to someone new to the game where as you look at any mainstay esports title the main game mode(s) are really easy to explain and I feel like the game mode being so complex to an outsider is really off putting even though escalation has some of the most intense moments and the craziest comebacks it’s a lot to digest and with that being said I don’t want it to go away I would just like to see some easier to explain game modes be introduced as well so that people can be introduced to the nuisances of the different modes over time instead of being tossed in the deep end with no experience


This game has been out for almost two years now and you still don’t understand Escalation? Or are you a new player? Because by now there is plenty of tutorials and walkthroughs that have been made on YouTube. And how does this have any relevance to the Gears 5 section of the forums?

I get what you’re saying and when people ask me this question during the ESports live streams I provide them with this article:

It’s a great break down of the mode, and should help with any questions.

My explaination of escalation is just domination but capturing all 3 flags is an instant round win & the MVP of the losing team puts a weapon down on the map.

Doesn’t really seem so complicated unless you’ve never played an online shooter

No I’ve been playing gears for 10+ years I’m saying for new people that in gears 5 there should be other things that are easier to understand I love escalation I just think gears is already obscure compared to other competitive games and a complex game mode may hinder its popularity even further so that’s how it applies I just want people who pick up gears 5 to be able to watch competitive and understand right away or a quick briefing this franchise needs new players interested in the competitive side of things and not just come to play horde