⚙️ Gears esports Major February 18th-20th Skins Request

@the-coalition should complete weapon skin sets before moving forward?

Swarm Pod Dropshot
Swarm Pod Embar
Swarm Pod Hammerburst
Swarm Pod Longshot
Swarm Pod Markza
Swarm Pod Retro Lancer
Swarm Pod Scorcher
Swarm Pod Breaker

Delicious Enforcer
Delicious Overkill
Delicious Scorcher

Ashfall Lancer
Ashfall Gnasher
Ashfall Hammerburst
Ashfall Markza


So basically you’re asking TC to successfully complete a task before skipping on to something else?

Surely you don’t seriously expect them to break the habit of a lifetime for such pisspoor weapon skins?


Love the gear emoji in the thread title. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


They’re aware of the outstanding Gears Esports skins still to be given during streams, I’m sure they’ll eventually come if not during this major.

I know some want to have these sets complete while others are not taken with them and hope for a new set.

We shall see, not long to wait now.