Gears esports Major event this weekend what happened why incomplete weapon skin sets

Also the Occult Hammerbust is being given out Saturday & Sunday ? What ?





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Well there goes my weekend plans…

The Scorcher I have no idea (the sequence is usually Mrkz/Scrchr/Hmmbst/Gnshr/Lncer) unless it’s going to be a “legacy” set.

The occult loadout set will be available (for cash) on the esports shop.

Enforcer and Overkill have always been available in a separate non-major weekend event, usually around Wk.3.
There hasn’t been one for the delicious set as far as I can see (they’re often easy to miss).

The Occult Hammerburst will be the last gun on Saturday and will still be available early on Sundays broadcast.

I don’t think so your confuse with Swarm Pod skins

I don’t think so. The swarm pod set was minging so I haven’t paid any attention to it since.

All three of the previous sets given this year have followed the same format (team phantom, black steel and Sundered)…

1)11 guns via watch and win points.
2)5 guns during season major via quests.
3)overkill/enforcer during mid season event via quests.

Delicious follows this pattern exactly but for no.3.

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Put a link to a tweeter account that passed them skins out

I believe that torag1 is correct, as the Delicious Weapon Skins do seem to follow the same pattern as the Team Phantom, Black Steel and Sundered Weapon Skins rollout. I’m curious if there will be an eSports event in the next week or so that will award the three missing Delicious Skins (Enforcer, Overkill and Scorcher).

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A very confusing mess.
Glad you made a thread on this to help others.

Confirmed Missing:
Delicious: Overkill, Enforcer, Scorcher - Dec 18th 2v2 event?
Occult: Lancer, Gnasher, Snub - Tuesday Store?

@AceMcCloud thoughts?

If it was to be in store then it would come out with all 3 hand guns so I say no it will be redeem

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Hopefully the occult lancer, snub and gnasher isn’t too hard on us time wise in the U.K.

Rarely care for skins but they look pretty cool

That gears utility app is a godsend, notifications through on your phone as soon as somethings up for grabs. I was on the piss Saturday night and still claiming rewards :rofl::rofl: