Gears esports is doing everything to reduce the competitive player base. Why?

They have taken small steps to make sure competitive players drop the game. Let me explain.

First they merged the LATAM and US leagues together. Why do this? This just means HALF the player base for both regions is no longer playing at the highest level as their league was cut in half. And with fewer teams to try and get into, top players just get disheartened and quit the game. Remember esports is meant to give you a career where you can devote your time into, but with fewer opportunities you’re better off finding something else to do.

Secondly, they do something nobody asked for by reducing it from 5v5 to 4v4. So this means every team has to drop one player. Again this reduces the player base. This makes it even harder to get into a team. There are not many teams and with only 4 players in a team the odds of finding a team in the pro league is so small. It’s even harder for the fringe players who were not in the pro league to begin with. Why should they keep trying when most teams will probably pick up more established players.

Lastly. They reduced the pro league from 12 teams to 10. I may have the numbers wrong here but I know the size was reduced. So now, imagine how hard they have made it to play at the top level. 10 teams, 5 from each region I think. So if you’re from the US, only 5 teams are available. If you’re not in a team, some will persevere but after time passes with still no hope of playing in the pro league, they’ll just give up and drop the game. Why are the people controlling Gears esports making it so hard to play in the league?

The point of esports is to provide gamers with a career. The commentators always encourage players to keep playing but what’s the point? I remember a time when the majors were so competitive, you never knew who would win a match at a tournament, but now there are only a few good teams left and most matches are blow outs. All the best players not in teams dropped the game, and the not so good players are the ones playing against the elite, which is why the games are not close anymore. No team outside of the elite few is going to shock the world anymore. The true dark horses have all dropped the game.

This is just my opinion. I may not have conveyed my message properly. If not I’m sorry.

Its not sustainable. Its simple.

Most of the eSports players either moved on to a different game or are just focusing on content creation (which is the smartest thing to do at this moment in time)


Probably because GOW eSports isn’t as popular and lucrative as you may think.

eSports players will only be able to make a career out of it if there is a career to be made. TC do not owe GOW eSport players a living. It’s not something that just happens unconditionally. It needs viewers and GOW eSports simply isn’t at the same level as the biggest eSport scenes.

Another point - call me cynical, but part of it is likely to be that the uproar during the GOW4 era against RNG Gear Packs which put an end (rightly so) to the shameful profiteering from the eSport packs which fleeched punters so TC can’t even prop it up financially to make up for low viewer numbers. Nowadays it’s just straight-up direct purchases without any RNG, so you can’t fleech the whales anywhere near to the same extent.

EDIT: And lastly, at the risk of sounding like I’m a total snob (which I probably am! :smiley: ), but gaming as a career? People need to wise up. If they’re so naive as to put all their career-related eggs into one single basket then they probably deserve to be on the scrap pile. In terms of numbers it’s ultra competitive and the online gaming scene can be really fickle (as well as some things being out of your control - for example if the franchise crashes and burns in popularity, then it doesn’t matter how good you are). People need to be smart enough to have a back-up plan and look at other transferable skills because the idea that a young gamer will be able to make a comfortable living out of gaming (including streaming etc) on a sustainable long-term basis is extremely difficult and unlikely (statistically speaking).

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I think “putting all their career-related eggs into one single basket” can be said for practically any type of job that requires some level of effort to be good at that specific thing. Especially when the lockdowns began two years ago and a whole bunch of people lost their jobs because of it including mine. It’s just playing video games in general is so much more saturated, populated, RNG based, and how so many things can go wrong within an instant that it makes getting any source of income from that kind of medium much more difficult than your standard job that has consistent pay every 2 weeks or something. Let alone in the 1000s every month. That’s kind of why I saw a couple of Gears eSports wanting to make the move to Halo when that came out. The only thing that’s even remotely viable is content creation even then it’s extremely RNG based since the algorithm and demonetization works in mysterious ways. That’s also the easiest way to get your name out there these days when trying to get signed by an eSports team whether it be through you beasting in your own stream and/or through you beasting on tournament streams. I think this video discussing how to make money off fighting games has some really good insight on the subject, but I think it can be applied to any genre if I’m being completely honest.

I agree that most jobs will require certain specific skillsets, and some require specific qualifications. But there are alot of general skills which cross over alot. Communication skills, basic use of IT, being capable of using certain equipment, plus things like being able to drive for example. People often retrain as well. Maybe I’m looking at gaming too simplistically, but what does being an eSports player do? I expect they probably stream and maybe produce videos and content on the side too, but these are extras which they do on top of being an eSports player (and rightly so, at least they have the initiative to do this instead of relying solely on eSports). Having these skills in producing good videos and content can be transferable to other things.

I found the comment “the point of eSports is to provide gamers with a career” ridiculous. It isn’t. The point of eSports is to provide entertainment. And if people are not entertained, then the popularity drops, and so does revenue. Anyway, I wouldn’t expect many eSport players to rely solely on eSports for a living. They probably do other things that we don’t know about.