Gears Esports - Calling You Out


It seems insulting to those that put the effort in to catch the Sunday stream only to have to watch the 2nd chance Monday just to get the exclusive spray.

What’s up with that?

It is also rediculous that the Lancer was put behind some online pro league nonsense.


In other words they’re doing what they’ve always done?

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If you want the rewards without having to watch the streams then get the Gears Utility App. It will give you a notice each time there is something up for grabs.

I must say I’m surprised why people think it’s so terrible to check the stream from their phones once every hour or so.

Why is that? by the same logic I could say its ridiculous for skins to be tied to escape leader boards or Horde.


European audiences, like myself, couldn’t watch the Sunday stream as it’s really late at night with work on Monday morning. Seems fair to me. Always miss out on these due to different time zone.


Thank you for replying but that was not my point. I’m ok with 2nd chance.

It’s the splitting of the rewards. They should have put the full set as the online rewards, or on the stream.

Of course it would be great to get the whole set at once but given the way the rewards distribution works in general, that’s never going to happen.

The game as a whole is suffering and Esports is having it even worst with an average of 600 viewers when there are no rewards. You can’t really fault them for splitting the rewards in order to bring more viewers.

Ah, sorry, I misread your post. I thought you were writing that the bloodspray was originally available on the Sunday and then also available on Monday, which was what you were challenging.

So it actually wasn’t available on the Sunday and you had to watch the Monday stream to get it? Does seem a strange decision, especially with the Wyvern skins being available as a second chance too.

There is a Monday exclusive for the next 3 streams. It’s all on the official page. So your original point is valid.

How do you earn skins by watching the streams? Do they hand out codes or what?

If you watch on the live dot gears website you can log in with your gamer tag. Every 45 min to 1 hour there will be a “claim prize” button and you can click it to claim the skin/prize. Some skins will show up immediately in your inventory in Gears 5 the next time you boot up the game. Others are timed (the Gold spray from Monday will be given out in July).

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Thanks! I’ll try this next time.