Gears Escape having default locked Characters is a mistake

Hi boys and girls , Terry Sander here.
Look I’m not certain about this , and I will gladly insta remove this thread if proven wrong , but I just seen the last Keegan trailer and I’m pretty sure that what I saw wasn’t just the character presentation like -let’s say- Fahz. It’s a class.
I know , not everybody dislikes this , fine , It might work.
But do I have to play exclusively as the Hivebusters?
Is this thing default? Do I have to play as Keegan if I want to play as support?
Cause that would be a huge mistake , IMO.
Don’t get me wrong , I like these new guys , they look cool : but to take away the possibility to choose the character from a player is , again , a huge mistake.
People WANTS the choose the character , they want It so bad. I’m pretty sure that this thing is what dragged people away from Judgement’s Overrun , and I can swear that was a good structured and balanced mode.
If you wanted to play medic , you had to be Sofia.
If you wanted to be scout , you had to be Paduk.
This is so wrong , COG army might be 50k units big as long as we know , why do I have to play as the same three dudes over and over again?
This could kill this mode’s replayability.
Again , I’m not sure , please somebody prove me wrong!
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They are going to add other characters - like Kait, to use their cited example - later on apparently, to Escape.

Did somebody from TC officially talked about this? …
Really , I don’t like the idea of being forced to play some character.
I will always choose … Choice.
If you get what I mean.

Hark! The mortal strikes again! Totally disagree with all of the points.

I think Rod may have mentioned it in the E3 presentation or there’s written proof of it somewhere. I’m not sure anymore.

Sarah Connor will also be a character in Escape.

And I still don’t think they should’ve brought these in to begin with. I can get behind the Terminator even if I’ll never use it, but, uhm… her? I’ve seen a picture of the in-game image for the skin on Rod’s Twitter account. No offense to the person who plays her character but it just looks terrible.

If character selection drives away people from the game, then there is a huge problem and it’s the gamers fault, not TC’s.


Happy with this :+1::sunglasses:

From what I’ve seen, yes, the Escape classes are tied to specific characters like Judgment’s Overrun mode - so Keegan is always Support.

Apparently more characters will be added to the roster over time. It’s not mentioned whether they will also be tied to a class, but I would think so.

You know , this comment got me upset , not in the Mad way tho.
But I like to think that I am open to any kind of confront of ideas and tastes , so I’ll like to understand why you think of this.
I think that in the way they are developing this game , they are wrong in this case.
Gears is CLEARLY trying to appeal to the new masses and extend its playerbase -which is legit- BUT what do casual gamers want?
Big choice , big worlds and juiced graphics.
We can all agree with that.
-i’m talking about casual gamers like your avarage Joe not Mad scientists like we Gearheads-
Negating to that kind of player to choose character is a silly mistake , IMO.
Hell even I would want to build my badass team of Hivebusters , instead of playing the same people for HOURS.
Also if the voice acting is not that vast , and characters repeat things over and over , It kinda gets boring if the voice actors fail to entertain the player.
Of course , this might work if the voice actors actually suceed their tasks and create badass characters with actual charisma , and it’s kinda hard in 2019 to surprise people.
So -strayed too far from originale topic- this is what I personally think about this.
How bout you? I’m curios :grinning:

Ugh… That just sounds so wrong. :disappointed_relieved:

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The main problem that allot of new games have is that they look at other games and takes from them. It becomes a Copy paste marathon. Some functions works in some games for a reason. This is the same with allot of system designs and character designs aswell. Sometimes i just feel that they all read the same book. And as 5 groups going to the design 5 different games but all glance at eachother and only ends up with 5 variations of the same game.

100% agree with OP ! Although i dont care about escape but character choice must be different than class choice …

I don’t think I would mind. As long as it’s only for Escape. Horde must have its own customisation where any character can be any class. Think of Escape like Beast Mode and Overrun / Survival. It didn’t let us choose character for that class. We don’t get to play Campaign either as Griffin, for instance.

Character selection didn’t drive people away from Judgment’s Overrun and Survival mode. They were driven away because of the poor gameplay. I cant imagine anyone who would not play a mode because they cant play a certain character.

I dont particularly care, and 99.9% of people dont particularly care, about the character choices in a mode. If anything, it makes it easier to identify where different classes are on the map, rather than looking in Tac-com or on the scoreboards.

100% agree with OP!

And I understand the view of being able to identify a class by character but I would’ve preferred to be able to choose my character in Judgement Survival as well.

I was fortunate to be able to get hoffman with credits in the beginning of gears 4. I didn’t enjoy the game as much when not being able to play my character. I can’t imagine how tough it is for all those players who never got their onyx guard.

i know it’s a new mode and all but lets be honest it will be dead within the first 1-2 years if they don’t keep adding in new stuff and fresh content to keep it entertaining. Let’s hope that is the case

Well , it’s going to have Hive Editor , and this is already a huge upgrade to the game’s replayability.
But I’m afraid that the big crowd is not going to like the fact that characters are class-bound.

Overwatch seems to be doing just fine.