Gears eleague skin

The chat claims that you have to refresh to get the correct time.

Note:we’re approaching the last round for the day and I’m not sure the interviews/post-match counts

In the beginning it was broken, tnen they fixed it but stream quality became near 480p, lol.
Full screen method is working yeah, but man i want to watch it, but quality is rubbish.

I’ve been stuck at 4/60 forever. Nothing I’ve tried has fixed the problem

So I’ve been stuck at 17/60 for a while now… is it still counting on their end? I tried refreshing and everything, and nothing changed … am I still getting credit or no? It’s a bust?

Now stuck at 52/60 where in reality it should be 235/60.

Four hours now.

This is absolutely ■■■■■■■ pathetic now. Stuck on 32 for over 2h. You can’t even get a simple timer to work and you want us to invest in Gears 5? Sort it out ffs

Finally got there 60/60

Hope others get it

Nice. I’m not sure what to do to make it work. Been watching for 2 1/2 hours and I’m stuck at 4/60. I’ve signed out and back in a few times. Refreshed the page 10 times I’m at a loss

Just seen a twitter post they will entitle the skin to people having issues

Same for me mate. It’s trash.

I got the reward but it is still screwing up for a lot of people,

Got it.

Started working for me. Hopefully it’s fixed for everyone. Just had to watch close to 5 hours for it to register 60 minutes lol