Gears eleague skin

Its just stupid been watching it over 2 hours and now I only have 8/60

It’s a load of bull, had the same problem.

So do I have to watch another hour? I really don’t want to waste my day off doing this lol

For me its at 8 minutes and then i reloaded the stream on another device and it’s saying im not logging in again

And its not even going up by the minute

Still at zero this is trash

It seems it only counts “play time” not when the people are just talking, the actual matches being played is what counts.

14/60 now so its going up, it is still a load of bull no matter what anyone says with the firs 2 hours not counting for crap,.

4/60 now.

gg you scammed me into watching 3 hours.

Just leaving this bull running on your PC, go and do other stuff like chat, play an actual game, or get important stuff done.

I was going to go back to my movie but I am feeling a bit pissed off for that so I’m going out to get stuff in the house that is needed,

The stream can lick my missile and 2 grenades, not wasting any time actually watching it now because it cheated me out of 2 hours by not even recording the time.

I’m on 2 finally

Refresh and make sure you are signed in, this should start the timer but its not to the minute

I’m on 6 seems to be working

I just logged out and in again

Do I have to log into the stream or the chat or what? I am not seeing this counter everyone else is seeing. Is the counter on the Gears 5 page or is it somewhere else?

The timer is still messy. I’ve been watching for 25 minutes since the timer started moving and only have 8/60.

Next to the chat icon there is a middle option called quests click that and you will see the timer.

Thanks. Just found it a couple minutes ago. (0/60. Charming.)

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Stuck at 30 ffs

I’ve had the same issue. It seems like you need to have it full screen to actually count for the time (at least for me). Hope that helps. I’ve been watching for an hour and 30, and I only have 2/60 because i didn’t full screen when I went to lunch.

Tell them you aren’t buying 5. All of a sudden mine worked lol. These dudes are scam artists. They did this to boost numbers in viewing. They’re con men.

Been watching for 3 hours and mine is stuck at 17/60 smh