Gears eleague skin

don’t bother,unfortunately the coalitions cheap ■■■■■ cant support more than 25,000 viewers at a time and wont log you in to retrieve the rewards or track it

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I’m logged in just not moving from 0

Whole thing was a promo scam to watch people camp cod style on new maps. This company CANNOT do what they say they can. Awful all around.

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I can’t claim either. I refreshed the web page and now the quest tab is loading forever.

Been watching nearly 90 minutes now - 0 tracked.

I have watched for an hour and a half refreshed and finally loaded up rewards to still show 0/60 like whatever coalition I should have the skin. You screw me on the tech test and on esports kait skin cool maybe I don’t buy your game then

Ayy! I can join the gang of people who are logged in but isn’t gaining progress.
What’s it gonna be TC?


Add me too.

Same here I was logged in and watched well over 90 minutes. Still shows 0/60. Hopefully they will get it fixed?

Same here, I also changed my gamer tag a while ago and it logs in automatically as my old gamer tag and there isn’t anything I can do to change it! I have this in addition to having streamed it for well over an hour now and it still says 0/60!


Where do you check your minutes??? I can’t find it lol

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Watched An hour still haven’t received kait

I am signed in and had my screen stay at 0/60, watched 90 minutes but nothing was counted.


Oh now at 2:09 PM EST as I chat here I get the big 2/60 minutes WTF is this bull ■■■■.

Now the ■■■■■ is working, what a load of crap.

Why put up rewards against streams that can not handle the capacity, the same happened in G4 and peed off many people, looks the same again this time

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Still 0/60 for me as well and I’m 2hours 15mins in

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Now its counting, so I have to watch a whole another hour of it, bs

Mine just updated as well. Shows 4/60. Sweet glad it’s working. Guess we will see if it continues.
Now I can enjoy watching the game.

I strongly ADVISE everyone to do this on PC, and just leave the screen on the stream as you see it counting the time not staying at zero, and go do more important stuff.