Gears eleague skin

Next to the chat icon there is a middle option called quests click that and you will see the timer.

Thanks. Just found it a couple minutes ago. (0/60. Charming.)

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Stuck at 30 ffs

I’ve had the same issue. It seems like you need to have it full screen to actually count for the time (at least for me). Hope that helps. I’ve been watching for an hour and 30, and I only have 2/60 because i didn’t full screen when I went to lunch.

Tell them you aren’t buying 5. All of a sudden mine worked lol. These dudes are scam artists. They did this to boost numbers in viewing. They’re con men.

Been watching for 3 hours and mine is stuck at 17/60 smh

The chat claims that you have to refresh to get the correct time.

Note:we’re approaching the last round for the day and I’m not sure the interviews/post-match counts

In the beginning it was broken, tnen they fixed it but stream quality became near 480p, lol.
Full screen method is working yeah, but man i want to watch it, but quality is rubbish.

I’ve been stuck at 4/60 forever. Nothing I’ve tried has fixed the problem

So I’ve been stuck at 17/60 for a while now… is it still counting on their end? I tried refreshing and everything, and nothing changed … am I still getting credit or no? It’s a bust?

Now stuck at 52/60 where in reality it should be 235/60.

Four hours now.

This is absolutely ■■■■■■■ pathetic now. Stuck on 32 for over 2h. You can’t even get a simple timer to work and you want us to invest in Gears 5? Sort it out ffs

Finally got there 60/60

Hope others get it

Nice. I’m not sure what to do to make it work. Been watching for 2 1/2 hours and I’m stuck at 4/60. I’ve signed out and back in a few times. Refreshed the page 10 times I’m at a loss

Just seen a twitter post they will entitle the skin to people having issues

Same for me mate. It’s trash.

I got the reward but it is still screwing up for a lot of people,

Got it.

Started working for me. Hopefully it’s fixed for everyone. Just had to watch close to 5 hours for it to register 60 minutes lol