Gears eleague skin

How do we watch the 60 min and what time is it active

See RED’s reply

Its tomorrow and sunday

Yes cheers, just realised what I typed :slight_smile:

Ah I’m UK so it’s 13th already

if you click on the link then it has a count down

Is that the only location? I don’t really want to give permission to access my xbox live info. is the only place to watch that will work for the skin, but usually these events can be watched on other sites like YouTube or Mixer.

timer not working

It’s not for me either. The timer shows 0/60 but have been watching it since it started

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Same here. Stuck at 0/60.

mine isnt either. I refershed the page and it said I wasnt signed in maybe check that

I refreshed the page - it took about 5 minutes to sign in again (very slow) but I got in.

I checked again - it’s still stuck at 0/60.

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yea same.

Where do you check the timer

Same here stuck at 0/60 been watching since it started at noon est

EVERY event theres a problem. Man they need to get their sh*t together if they want more people watching these things


I still don’t enjoy watching esports! I would rather the eport was a different mode as well.

Can’t login now.

What a load of ■■■■