Gears doesn't want you playing with a party?

TC, I’m having a great time with friends… When you actually allow me to play with them.

I don’t know what is going on with the matchmaking in this game, but something needs to change. I can find a match relatively quickly with a party of 2 or 3, but the moment I add a 4th, or God forbid, a 5th, the game comes to a grinding halt.

Matchmaking with a full five-stack is more or less guaranteed to take over 10 minutes, and that’s a fairly good outcome. The longest I’ve searched in one sitting is 20 minutes, uninterrupted, and if you count the time we’ve swapped hosts, restarted our games, I’ve searched for over an hour without ever finding a single match.

The hilarious thing, is I’m actually queuing for a match as I write this post, and here’s the screenshot. Currently sitting at 16 minutes with no end in sight.

And if I go into a match with 3, I’m surely getting teammates like this, every time…

This game heavily stresses teamwork and communication, and yet it’s nearly impossible to play with a full group. If this is unintended, this needs to be fixed soon and if something is actually happening in the background trying to pair us with closely skilled players… No… This should happen to an extent, but I should never be waiting for 16 minutes (Now 20 minutes…) This completely drains my will to play. I hope improvements come soon.

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