Gears Daily Objective - Community suggestions

On the current dev stream, TC asked for community feedback and suggestions around the daily objectives.

Feel free to post any constructive feedback or ideas in this thread :slight_smile:


“Join a private lobby and start the game as a character and level requested by the host.”


I’ve never been a fan of the weapon specific challenges in versus mode. The main reason being is that, especially in the case of power weapons, it reminds me of grinding for the weapon specific achievements in the original Gears of War. While you don’t really see much variety in these challenges so it’s not as bad I don’t like seeing things like:

  1. Get x-amount of kills with heavy weapons in versus
  2. Get x-amount of kills with grenades in versus
  3. To a lesser extent get x-amount of kills with shotguns

The reason being is it promotes playing in a way that may not be advantageous to your team. If you’re not good with heavy weapons or grenades it would be best for somebody who is good with them to pick them up. Granted, these can be done in social matches but not everyone thinks like that. Yesterday I had an objective to get 5 kills with grenades in Versus and that can be tedious and have a negative consequence for my team as the grenades never seem to work consistently for me. I’m now taking myself out of this intense battle as I’m hyper-focused on using a weapon I’m not proficient with.

Side note: I’m okay with these types of challenges in PvE modes. Using them as an “All Modes” or “PvE” modes challenge seems fitting. But as a versus exclusive I find them to be out of place.


They need better returns for the actual objective. No reason anyone should be getting 1 star at all


Yeah I have been thinking in exactly these lines myself. Having “do x kills with x weapon” objectives in versus just doesn’t work. It just leads to one or several players only camping by the power weapon spawns the entire match instead of playing the match objective, thereby ruining the match for the other members of their team.
I think objectives for the loadout weapons (gnasher and lancer) are ok, they kind of work without ruining matches, but any objective that incentivizes a player to just hang around the power weapon spawns instead of playing normally don’t work well.

I agree with the objectives being OK as general or horde/escape objectives, there it’s just a matter of choosing a character with skills and loadout that fit the objective, and they can then be completed quite easily and above all without putting ones teammates out.

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  • Daily Objective should never be catered for any category. A player seeking to play the game, will be distracted by pinning one of versus objective permanently.
    I find it lackluster to play PVE then jump into PVP just to do 1 star objective.

  • Re-rolling another objective by iron, should give instant star(s) for the players who grind for their ToD.
    Some objectives are huge frustration, especially the ones that has single star.

  • Double XP Weekend should be mixed with an open day of ToD, a day where you can re-roll objectives without any iron.

Come on TC, show us some love please!


I would want to see better payouts when you reach certain legend ranks. Like 50 and 100 so on. This might make iron more useful if people had something better to look forward to then another 750 gc. I’m not being ungrateful but would be nice especially if your using your iron to re-roll objectives.

I would like a “Complete X number of matches”, it could either replace or be alongside “Win X number of matches”.

At times it feels like you’re paired with nothing but potatoes.

Keep them the way they’re right now. They already got rid of stuff like Win match on map X or Kills with char X.


They should remove everything that is based on Arcade, the rest is fine the way it is.


I had win 5 arcade matches come up today, rerolled immediately :stuck_out_tongue:


Or the “Win X-number of matches of 2 VS 2”.


The Daily Objectives are fine overall, the only one’s that suck are Win x Matches on x Mode (Versus) i think they should get rid of those.

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That is definitely an insta-re-roll.

For PvE there needs to be objectives that encourage diverse playstyles, like “survive 12 waves of horde with Jack” or “complete 3 hives with Marcus” stuff that encourages players to really play around with all the different classes in the game.

For PvP they just need to make it more competitive like “get MVP in a match” or “win a match 2-0” stuff that encourages you to get better as a Versus player.

The current objectives are boring because instead of them giving you something fun or unique to do they just feel like a grocery list.

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Going to have to disagree on both of these. If you force players into certain characters in PvE then you’re going to see an increase in the number of players playing with an underleveled character they’re not used to because they’re trying to finish their dailies. It would be a lot like how you’d see people drop out after wave 20 on Gears 4 horde because they were using a 1-20 wave bounty card.

IMO the dailies should be doable by pretty much everyone if you put in enough gameplay. Making PvP dailies more competitive isn’t fair to the players who are seldom going to win MVP for a match.


Shout Marcus’ “they ■■■■■■ my tomatoes up” 2000 times should be one

Use 1 expression - 2 :star:
Use 2 expressions - 4 :star:
Use 3 expressions- 6 :star:

Seem very easy.

The number of expressions could be changed to something more time-appropriate.

Wheres the challenge with these???

You tell me