Gears crash on Xbox One X after title screen

The game will crash after the title screen. The screen freeze then return to Xbox main menu, image

I have tried many methods provided by client service like uninstall and reinstall it, reset the console and adjust network settings. But none of them work. My account status and internet connection are all good which is confirmed by Microsoft client service.

So I would like to know is there anyone has the same issue? What should I do to fix it.

Try the help desk, this is the first time I see this problem mentioned on an X.

Mine kicks me back to dashboard regularly.
I’m not on an X though

On PC or S?


Waiting for technical support

I am having the same problem, and I have the router log for the exact time that it happened just now. I cleared the log just prior to attempting connect, and it shows my Xbox attempting to connect to a list of servers and then all activity on Xbox stops exacty when game freezes. I have been experiencing this since the game was available from Microsoft for download. I did find a workaround however that stopped working after the last update. I have made it to ‘Act I Diplomacy’.

Don’t know if it was coincidence or not, but -

Whilst playing Gears 5 my One X blew what I believe was the graphics chipset (according to the helpful chap in the store).
It’s currently in Germany awaiting repair.
I truly wish I’d never ‘upgraded’ to the X - never had any problems with my 360 or my big original One…:rage: