Gears content creator claims Gears playerbase has "no skill"

This YouTube video was shown to me recently

There’s a few good points in the video but at about 18:30 in AngryFPSgamer says this “The majority of the fanbase plays TeamDeathmatch out of all game modes and that’s because the game doesn’t require too much skill”

I’m curious what Forum members think about this does TDM require skill? Should TDM be a social unranked game mode only?


I couldn’t care less about it what Content Creators have to say anymore than anyone else. It’s not like being a “Content Creator” makes their opinions anymore valid than anyone else.


I cant watch most of them.
Shadowz ??? Says “free” when he means “Three” and says “oh my days” good for him but I cant get past that!

Razoredge seems sound though


Whats up everyone it’s the Razored Edge!

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The Razored Edge used to teally annoy me during the pack opening videos, the way he said “epic” in that exaggerated dramatic way. Apparently he stopped doing that at some point, but by then he was tainted goods to me…

The only Gears “channel” I will always watch is Barricade and his lore videos.
I have no great desire to watch people play, other than when friends captures appear on my Community on Xbox.

As for Barricade, the guy knows his stuff and is passionate about Gears. Check him out if you have not.


Tbh I think it’s silly to think that it’s only one reason that dictates why people play TDM the most. It’s more likely to be a combination of many things; skill, not being penalised so heavily if you mess up (e.g. execution), it’s at the top of the list in game modes, it’s a simple objective.

If TDM were a kind of meat, it would be chicken.
it’s basically just the most generic, non-polar, all rounder, bog standard game mode lol.

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Honestly “TDM” is actually team elimination with the word team deathmatch slapped on it to attract casuals into playing this game since REAL team deathmatch in other games doesn’t have limited lives for each team that they also have to share.

I would actually agree with him, Everytime I play TDM I see people camping, And What’s good with that?

Barricade is the best in my opinion as @Duffman_GB said, I would put Landan with him because he is just a sweaty guy but he is playing to have fun, TheRazoredEdge is fine for me but he is uploading some fortnite videos… And that isn’t good

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Camping happens in every game mode.

KOTH is literally camping a “hill” for several minutes.

In Escalation players camp the home hills constantly

People play to win obviously and “camping” is a great strategy in any shooter.


Essentially that’s true but however it happens more often in other modes half the time even in modes where it’s kinda ridiculous to do so like in TDM.

“content creator” already had my eyes rolling… :roll_eyes:


I agree with with the video. Any game mode with core tuning except maybe koth requires little skill

Yes agreed. I used to watch Shadow and Edge but after TC gave them promotion s to be supportive I can’t trust their judgement. One YouTuber I trust is Upper Echelon Gaming, and he openly states bad things in gaming, even though it means he’ll be less popular with devs.

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Content Creators or YouTubers are just a waste of time and effort. Often times they tell people their opinions and then those mindless zombies do as they are told. Gears isn’t too bad, but some games like TD or TD2, where making your own gearsets, too many blind monkeys refuse to play the game and do as they are told. It removes the creativity of the players.


I think TDM should be a rank play list. How ever, it should be put in completive mode, not Retro lancer, and no enforcer lancer damage reduced to like Gears 3 lancer. Just my opinion.

I wouldn’t say that. I’ll hear what they have to say and consider what they have to say on content. But I wouldn’t give them any extra merit by virtue of them being a Content Creator.

You cannot camp in KOTH and win. Maybe at the lower levels it’s possible but not at the higher skill levels.

You have to set up on hills but move around the map a lot more. Know exactly when Weapons are respawning and also control the spawn points for your team mates and opposition.

Plus it’s not several minutes - it’s a couple at best.

You then have to move to the next hill, again timed right so you can set up and defend.

It’s all about moving around the hill - not camping in one spot as you still need to go and get weapons and control spawn points.


Calling someone who records video game footage a “content creator” sounds almost as pathetic as an “Instagram model” :joy:


I do find the title ‘Content Creators’ ironic.

They advertise content that The Coalition created, that’s it. They only thing they create are literally the videos and the materials they use for them (i.e. in-game recording).

As for the OP, of course TDM requires skill. All game modes do to an extent (besides Vs A.I), granted that the opposing team are competent. It all depends on the situation at the time e.g. if you manage to carry a useless team to victory over a full squad of enemies.

What? Did I just read this? Doth my eyes deceive me?

Have you ever played a King of the Hill match with decent players? If your plan is to camp in the hill then I’m very much afraid you’re in for a rude awakening.