Gears community form results (25+ responses)

Alright, I’ve felt this is the most the form would get and it got 25 responses

Some of these answers surprise me
unknown-109 unknown-95 unknown-87 unknown-140 unknown-175 unknown-205 unknown-111 unknown-70 unknown-137 unknown-125 unknown-159 unknown-89

Sorry if some are mixed up, thanks to everyone who filled the form
If you haven’t and would like to I am posting the results again next week

most of us have wifes , most of us like to play horde @RadishBeet and at the end we all love the BIG MAN MARCUS !!


Those poor souls that got their first Gears experience from Gears 5. :disappointed:

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Of course it’s going to be Marcus @D_A_N_III_3_L :joy: