Gears Comic Re-Issue

When TC announced (months ago) that the Rise of Raam comic was on it’s way, I believe they also stated the they were going to re-release all of the Gears comics that were release during the original trilogy.

Although I’ve read a few, it was very difficult to locate the other comics in recent years. I really hope they still plan on re-releasing the old Gears comics in graphic novel form.

Here’s a link detailing their plans with IDW. The part mentioning the return of old comics is towards the bottom of the article.

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I don’t think the link was attached can you post it again? I’m really curious about this because I’m looking for the comics myself I only have the 3rd Volume and would love the rest of them

It definitely isn’t there.

Amazon (uk) have a compilation of the comics in a book for pre-order if that is what you mean.?

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They are releasing a largeish paperback collected set that contains the first three volumes in December. It’s almost 200 pages.