Gears Clip Of The Week - Official Submission Thread

(Rockstaaaaaaaar) #139

Double Headshot with T-Bow

(aquamansoup) #140

(iBlitz Deus) #141

Gamertag: iBlitz Deus / Quin on Golden Gun

(GreatWhiteShark) #142

Not gotta lie, I thought that was a setup at first. Still a nice Quinn regardless, I’ve gotten a few of them too. I’ve been playing it so much the last week that when I got back to playing regular Gears today, I just absolutely sucked.

(Lambent Lucky) #143

(mizzelphug) #144

I just uploaded this one for this week: Boomshot Quint*…

*a single, and an immediate quad - it counted. :slight_smile:

(iBlitz Deus) #145

We were having fun at first then it all got crazy because the dude kill me.

(CGO UnoGato) #146

hello, I hope and like it:sonriendo::mueca::mueca:

(OnyxThePrime) #147

Here’s my clip, blew your brains OUT!!!


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(GutturalPug) #149

(BloodxxReaperxx) #150


When i last played golden gun event, i took out the whole team #GEARSCOWT

(dani1284) #153 Probably best sniper clutch ever lol. maybe. Hangman and superman. Gt is dani1284. Twitter is Danny_doess


(OnyxThePrime) #155

Here’s my clip, 3 headshots in a row baby!!

(OoG0LD3NGUNZoO) #156

Here’s my 6 pop off in goldengun

(Mr Cheeto Man) #157

Quint on KOTH!

(GreatWhiteShark) #158

Did you really change your gamertag to be named after this game mode? Hey I ain’t knocking it. I love GG… I even got a Clip of the Week when it was out few weeks ago but they only come like twice a year or something.

If it were a permanent playlist, for sure we’d be diamond 5 in it.

(XxBegForMeRcyXD) #159