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Gears Clip Of The Week - Official Submission Thread

(Omen LP) #329

Clutch Nade quint to save and win a KOTH round

(asturis) #330

(DRiiLLA) #331

pardon my teammate’s chat at the very beginning of the clip.

1v5 clutch on ranked TDM with under a minute left.

credit to my twitch rather than gamertag (DannyAmbroze)

(BESERK HELLFIRE) #332 this clip is my friends he wants tl get clip of the week this is his subbmission his gamertag is synthitical :slight_smile: i am postong it becuase he didnt know how

(FaMouS iGurapa) #333

Execution 5vs1

(Lambent Lucky) #334

Thanks for featuring me this week!

(NinjaChang) #335

where are the videos posted lmao, can’t even find

(Kaos Liam) #336

Escalation Triple Blindfire longshot onscreen

current gt is “conez” and current alias on youtube and twitter is “Liam”

(Bean45) #337

4 on 1 right out of spawn on KOTH!
Gamer tag Bean45!AhDd2wPEzCWngQjL44UVh3UM7g4S