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Gears Clip Of The Week - Official Submission Thread

Clutch Nade quint to save and win a KOTH round

pardon my teammate’s chat at the very beginning of the clip.

1v5 clutch on ranked TDM with under a minute left.

credit to my twitch rather than gamertag (DannyAmbroze) this clip is my friends he wants tl get clip of the week this is his subbmission his gamertag is synthitical :slight_smile: i am postong it becuase he didnt know how

Execution 5vs1

Thanks for featuring me this week!


where are the videos posted lmao, can’t even find

Escalation Triple Blindfire longshot onscreen

current gt is “conez” and current alias on youtube and twitter is “Liam”

4 on 1 right out of spawn on KOTH!
Gamer tag Bean45!AhDd2wPEzCWngQjL44UVh3UM7g4S

Changed my gamertag to OnTarget Acid recently so the tags are not the same… hopefully still eligible for submission!

Does anyone still watch these?

Multi headshot sniper kills

Get out of here Shark


haven’t posted here in a while heres a lil GearsCOTH entry tho what yall think?

Hello guys! I attach the link of my best play thsi week and maybe can be lucky with you :slight_smile:

9kills (+down that got stealed) in 43 secs youtube link!Anffyuw1tDl5a0o5z9COYY-gP2U onedrive link

Game of King of the Hill on Foundation , I managed to get two torque bow kills and a triple with a grenade