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Gears Clip Of The Week - Official Submission Thread

(Russianrocket22) #288

(alberlumendz) #289

(UpstairsFiddle) #290

The Quint

(STORMBLADE 700) #291 #gearscotw

(BustlingWig7358) #292

quad with trip blindy

(MOBZILLA81) #293 all most took out the whole team by myself

(ShI4N XIII) #294

dropshot !!!

(zTruly) #295

TDM 1v7 clutch

(MonsterRoger) #296

Please Vote on xbox ideas for an upload studio update on xbox ,features like slowmotion ,fast forward or the possibility to record clips from end to begin is very cool and xbox need to create better gameclips , thx✌
Frame by Frame slomo upload studio features, zoom in ,highlights,vote on xbox ideas for please

(lMr lBrightside) #297 Clip of The Week

(lMr lBrightside) #298

Just so you know the clip has to be under 45 seconds.

(TheMarkOfPower) #299

Quick 6 on Blood drive, smoke and gnasher

(o0 IEPIC IHEI2O) #300

Ranked TDM Embar triple with a collateral.