Gears Clip Of The Week - Official Submission Thread

(thegunscomeout) #200
  1. Gnasher Quint

(Christ Commando) #202

Had some fun playing my first golden gun mode thing.

(Christ Commando) #204

25 second team wipe in golden gun.

(ShmittyPenguin) #205

(AmP Soaked) #206

(CodeMaster19934) #208

(ShmittyPenguin) #209


(Ezq) #210


(Ezq) #211

Last Bullet. No Problem
Ezq #GearsCOTW

(jamaine7) #212

How do you post vids on YouTube


(Duffman GB) #214

Hi all
How do I submit, just had a seven kill streak with my Chainsaw in ranked KOTH I think (hope) you might like :+1:

(alberlumendz) #215

(Duffman GB) #216

Hi fellow Gears.
I hope you like this clip. It is KOTH on Checkout. I do a series (purely for my own pleasure) called “Chainsaw Massacre” this is probably one of my favs as I rack up 7 chainsaws on the trot.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Locust Forever

Just trying to get it on my YT channel.

(Ezq) #217

Quick Quint

(HP Big Daddy) #218

Hello, I do not work in Gears of War 4 online modes in an open game, error code (0x80190190) on the official website says that such a player is blocked. Want to know for that? I did not insult anyone and did not prevent anyone from playing. We played with friends in an open game against each other in the mode where no one played and so we joined together and arranged a meat grinder. Isn’t that how you play with your friends? Here for such to block? Please help me fix bugs in the game to make it work, I bought it for the full price. Help, thanks in advance!

(btcxproficiency) #219

GT: btcxproficiency


(Nostalgia Blues) #221

Reaction shot in a different angle lol
Koth with comp tunning

(Lambent Lucky) #222

Smashing Pumpkins!