Gears Clip Of The Week - Official Submission Thread

(TC Vectes) #1

Hey Gears fans!

We’ve launched a brand new series on our Gears of War Facebook and Twitter channels called ‘Clip of the Week’.

Every Monday, we’ll be featuring an amazing clip from the community for fans to feast their eyes on. The winner each week will get some juicy digital rewards and the prestige of being shouted out as a big play hero to Gears fans EVERYWHERE!

Want a chance for your best Versus moments to be Clip Of The Week? Here’s how to enter via our forum:

Clip Of The Week Entry

  • Grab your best singular Versus clip from Gears of War 4 (no multi clip entries will be accepted)
  • Ensure your clip is no longer than 45 seconds long, contains game audio and is at least 720p (1080p preferred)
  • Post your clip somewhere with public accessibility, like YouTube
  • Link your clip in this thread for a chance to be featured!

You can enter as many times as you want. This thread will be a running submission thread rather than weekly, so every time you have a big moment to share, drop it in here for a chance to be featured. We’ll be saving all the best ones as potential feature clips for the future!

Clip Of The Week Rules

  • By posting your Clip, you are consenting to the re upload of your Clip on Gears of War channels. Full accreditation to you will be given on the video.
  • If you would like your accreditation to not be your Gamertag, please specify what you’d like it to be in the post
  • The Clip must be match your forum post Gamertag to ensure correct ownership
  • Your Clip may contain VO provided it does not offensive, derogatory or overly loud
  • Your clip must not include any BM-like behavior

We can’t wait to see your best clips!


Classic Osok Outplays
(TC Vectes) #2

(Epic iShadowz) #3

(Lambent Lucky) #5


(Fryxure) #7

Im Protecting the ring E.

(CthulhuAlhazred) #8

For RAAAM!!!

(General BeeFart) #9

Wow. Wall bouncing off nothing. Great idea gears. Not impressed.

(JV aka Il Duce) #10

Dropshot master

(Berebrus) #11
  1. Is Berebrus good with the Competitive Tuning? No.

  2. Does this quinn within 30 seconds say otherwise? Yes.

  3. Should I shut up and just let you watch? I probably should, yeah…

(Yegoleo) #12!At2w4Ivzg5W9hXmIQG7i2RTh2g1z one

(Gnasher Anubis) #13

(Ektope) #14

So unpredictable, that’s what great about strafing if done right.
Nice clip. :+1:

(JINN Illusion) #15

KOTH Sniper Quint

(JINN Illusion) #16

TDM Boomshot Quad

(Too Energetic) #17

Hit this on stream a few weeks before Season 3 ended. Also hit this clip the same day I got Diamond 5 in every game mode.

(VenominaI) #18

(Lambent Lucky) #19

(ICookieCLOWN) #20

Quint to secure the victory on koth.

(Kyro keij) #21

(Aerox Mush) #22

5 piece in a scrim vs 3rd in EGL Sheffield, coach was spectating me