Gears characters sorted into hogwarts houses

Marcus - Gryffindor
Dom - Gryffindor
Cole - Hufflepuff
Baird - Ravenclaw
JD - Slytherin
Del - Ravenclaw
Kait - Gryffindor
Fahz - Slytherin
Hoffman - Hufflepuff
Anya - Gryffindor
Sam - Slytherin
Carmines - Gryffindor
Bernie - Slytherin
Paduk - Slytherin
Minh - Gryffindor
Barrick - Gryffindor
Tai -Hufflepuff
Valera - Ravenclaw
Jace - Hufflepuff
Sofia - Gryffindor
Jinn - Slytherin
Reyna - Gryffindor
Oscar - Slytherin
Gabe - Gryffindor
Sid - Slytherin
Michelle - Hufflepuff
Prescott - Slytherin
Adam - Ravenclaw
Loomis - Gryffindor
Carlos - Gryffindor
Alex - Gryffindor
Raam - Ravenclaw
Myrrah - Hufflepuff
Skorge - Slytherin
Sraak - Slytherin
Ukkon - Ravenclaw

Lol don’t ask why I put them where they are if you look deeper into their personality you will understand… hopefully lol. Everyone sees characters differently.

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who would be dobbey man ?

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Chaps :ok_hand:t2:


I don’t get it. What is hog warts houses? And how do the characters fit in them?

Is this something new to gears???

Lol no it’s Harry Potter it’s just for fun :rofl:

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Can someone like, flag this please…


im not into Harry Potter movies but I do think DOBBEY its the only entertaining aspect of it.

he looks I don’t know like a dwarf beggar of some kind.

Oh it’s Harry Potter.

I don’t know anything about it so I’m still kinda confused other then you need to be a wizard to understand. I think.