Gears campaign collection for series x

Would you buy a gears of war campaign collection of 1-J with both the dlc from 2 and 3. I know that 1 already got a remaster but so did halo 1. And the reason I said campaign edition is so that they don’t have to worry about multiplayer issues and balancing. And maybe they could add arcade to 1 and 2 because 3 and technically judgement already have it


I definitely would.


Aren’t they all on Game Pass?

Yes. But they also never released 2-judgement on pc


You can play them on PC, but they may play poorly depending on hardware

Oh I didn’t know

This is via emulator, not officially supported and not remastered.

I would definitely prefer a proper way to play them :slight_smile:

Maybe eventually with Microsofts xbox games on pc push

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If they had like a definitive edition then I would really consider it. 1-J, not 4 and 5.

I would love a full collection.

Maybe next year or year after.

TC have Tactics this year plus Gears 5 Upgrade for next gen.

We wouldn’t see something like this until 2021 or 2022 instead of Gears 6.

Or potentially after 6. Which would be 5-6 years away.

I wouldn’t mind a collection so long as they fixed the 30 FPS of the originals(does UE run on 60 or 30? I don’t recall, for the Xbox version). Along with the horrific, extremely absurd levels of camera shake and how clunky the games feel. I get that they’re big soldiers with heavy armor, but it feels more like I’m trying to control a friggin tank rather than an actual person playing those games.

UE MP is 60 on Xbox I believe, campaign was 30.

But yeah,

I’m sure they would be able to do 60-120 at that point for next gen.

I know 2 & 3 are One X Enhanced but full remakes would be best.

yeah of course man … if they could remove the "shaking camera effect " on 3 and be able to increase the FPS on all Gears of War games , I would definetely buy them even though I have them on Game Pass, no problem :slight_smile: