Gears broken ranking

The online ranking system is broken for sure … I’m silver 3 right now and I had a TDM game that ended in 3 rounds. We lost the first and won the next two . I ended up being the mvp with 17-5 and a final score of 2250 . All the rounds went fast so my score/min was high. but man I lost near 500 ranking pts in a game in which the enemy was ranked higher. Can somebody make sense of that BS ?! And what’s most ridiculous is I lost more points in the last 2 rounds that we won Scored the most point than the round we lost … it’s broken AF man no explanations to that Bs … bring back Gears 4 ranking system or fix that one


Yep i posted the same and have seen a few others. Its 100% broken and better be fixed soon im not playing ranked until it is because youll only rank down no matter how well you play.


Yeah even worst man … We lost a game that I was complete trash and all 3 rounds were long AF but I won 60! Pts lol I won more pts in the rounds that I lost … it’s gotta be reversed or something

Your 17-5 could easily be 5-5 with 12 assists. How many were actual kills?

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I think the problem is that the inclusion of elims has people confused about how well they’re actually doing.

Elims don’t count. Only kills do. Record a game and see how many actual kills you’re getting compared with how much you’re dying.


Ranking works.

I’m Masters so it knows I’m good.


Ranking works? Nah, man. There’s something up with it right now and it needs to be addressed.

I’ve dropped down 60% in my tier (silver 2) since last night. First game it happened, I went 25-10 in a crazy 3-2 guardian game. We lose the first two rounds, then came back and won three straight and I ended up getting -700. Those rounds that we won? Yeah, I got -200 for each, And yes, most of my kills were kills with not many eliminations, killed the leader twice, survived as leader twice, whatever.

This has been almost every game that I’ve played. Losing or gaining that many points in Guardian is not normal, so that’s how I know something is up.

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No im not confused about elims. Something has changed with the ranking systems. And it isnt based solely off KD either… If yoire getting mvp with 3k points in a TD game you should not be losing 300 points in a round


It goes round by round so @III_Otaku_III does make a fair point.

We’d need to know how you did in those rounds.

Unless it has changed for the worse, I’m with @III_EnVii_III in that the ranking system does work.

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I think it’s Kills and how fast you’re getting them that matters. So, you need to get a positive K/D, but you also need to make sure you’re doing it in a timely matter. So the stats the ranking system seems to reward is K/D and KPM (not SPM, which people keep saying for some reason).

That’s what I’ve noticed in Guardian (I don’t play TDM) and KOTH.

In TDM, since the game is slower, you can rack up a nice K/D, but your KPM might suffer because you play too slowly or something .

TC should be more clear about it, but that’s just my own personal observation.

It literally comes down to mvp if you want to gain any type of positive points.

I went 27-7 and won 2-1 went down 1000 points it , dies not woek


Post stats? Wanna see how a masters major rock & rolls :joy:

i and my whole team won yet we all went high negative, i myself was -1,158 give or take the other 700ish , and 400ish we dont get negative k.d and we weren’t close to losing.

I’m winning matches getting 200+ points a game and my rank isn’t advancing. Our entire team isn’t moving in points even though we are getting positive rank points at the end of the match.

Can someone tell me how you can get 12,000 kills per minute? That’s broken

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I will ask John Wick and get back to you.



Yes your correct it goes off how quick you do it all that is why the system is stupid, it shouldn’t be how much kills or points your getting per min is should just be overall, i play just as good on this gears as i did on 4 and i was a diamond 1 on 4 and i can’t even get pass gold 3 on this one its rubbish, it should just be overall how good you do and other person who put its all down to getting mvp is wrong aswell because i have done it were i have got mvp and gone up then next game got it again and gone down, shouldn’t matter how quick your getting the kills and points should just be if your at the top get most kills, points, caps and breaks because i play koth then you should go up everytime.


My stats are unreal.

Me and @S1L3NT_CH4OSR4Z be winning 4v5 games.

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