Gears & beers friday

our custom games are now live come on!! search for dodgeball custom =)


All I have is Vodka
can’t vc right now either but I’ll join the game

Wow you sound fun

As a PC player im more than offended by your sarcasm

You know I have the utmost respect for you, Mr. Potatohead

I appreciate your kind words Clown but I still have a score to settle with you. Feel free to contact me when you desire to handle this like TRUE gears veterans. This post makes no sense, I’ve had a few tonight to be fair.,

It was a callback to your old gt, sir

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Still mad about how I had you on swords in a private match in Gears 4 a couple years ago?

I think I still have a clip of it

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My heart just grew 10 sizes. I’m so happy you remember how much I wanna take you down.

Oh I remember very well. I knew there would have to be a day of reckoning at some point.

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And that Day of reckoning has come. Anytime anywhere buddy, I can finally put you to sleep.

This looks like a DM
at this point
I’m sorry