Gears at its best🤔

Dont think ive ever experienced this before, looks like the server had no idea what this player was doing and just made it up.

Mantle into crab sit😶

Also loved getting the 9% cause i shot a bit higher than i should’ve.

Anyone from TC care to respond?!AhAXlTdP_i3WiV2v6Nlkai5B6Pjy

Woah TC added crouching to op 8

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That person is just lagging I think. It’s not the first time I’ve seen that animation before but its not common.

That lag also kind of explains that shot being missed honestly lol

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I clearly did not miss, 9% is good…

isnt it?

he obviously lagg spiked, no doubt about that.

Mantles, takes a dump, then chunks you.