Gears Announcement at Gamescom August 2022?

Who believes in the resurrection of Jesus ?

Is Microsoft at the fair or did they cancel??

I think we will hear zip at the event, more than happy to be wrong of course.

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No shot lmao. Get me the betting line on this one I’ll put down my life savings.

I can’t see it.

Best thing to do is never get your hopes up. Ever. That what you cannot be disappointed but are susceptible to being pleasantly surprised.


I am walking the way of resurrection now

Doubtful. Gears should probably take a bit of a break. Thinking holiday 2024 would be a good time for Gears 6. Wont have to worry about last gen anymore and solely focus on PC and Xbox Series Consoles,

If a couple Xbox insiders hadn’t come out and said emphatically that the Marcus Fenix Collection “isn’t a thing,” I’d say there’s some hope.

But usually when a leaker isn’t being coy and just says it outright, they know beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’s far too early for Gears 6, so if no remaster/remake project is in the works to fill the gap, then there just won’t be any Gears any time soon.

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