Gears and its fake difficulty settings. *small rant*

This is mostly targeted to horde and escape… I am extremely tired of this fake difficulty and TC lying through its teeth in every circumstance possible…

At first I was very happy TC finally added a more custom difficulty with the ability to choose custom difficulty mutors in horde/escape. However its not… its a fabricator created lie. Once u enter say the advanced difficulty, no matter the mutators choosen. Enemies regardless recieve a health buff despite I actively choose to avoid 2x health cause its tedious and not more engaging in the slightest.

We can clesrly see in that vidro that scion goes from needin 1 shot. Up to 2. FOR NO REASON!!! Dont give me the crap either he had regen on… regen does not increase total health. Ut only states it recovers over time… he did not recover 1/4 health when i shot em… i also have a clip with no regen on on my xbox, n it is the same n how it turns out. 2 shots on advanced (no health mutators for enemies)

Why? What reason is there for this? U give me custom difficulty yet lie about? Alao u all realize this means no… enemies do not just get 2x health with tge mutator on. The get also a free 1/4 added to there hp basically n also then get 2x health or maybe 2x health n just the added 1/4 after when on advanced normally…
Edit: mutator is not 2x health in escape. Just added health. Sorry. Correction. But… horde… thunk about all this there…
All i wanna say is… This… is… total… BuIIshit


This is part of the reason why Master and Incon are spongefests and Master is such an annoying “difficulty”. The game raises the health, damage and accuracy of enemies every big boss wave(first health, 2x, post wave 10, then 2x accuracy post wave 20, and 2x damage post wave 30, then all those go to 2.5x after 40), but it also makes their base damage, health and accuracy as the difficulty increases, and THEN there is also the modifiers for even more health and damage for the enemies, neither of which really do much to add difficulty. Arguably, the health regen penalty doesn’t either, as it just prolongs the time you have to stay hidden before you have health to shoot at enemies again.

And execution rules - how is that any more than an annoyance for everyone but JD, Fahz if he lands headshots, and those spamming Trishots? JD can kill anything with an explosive at any range if it goes down, and headshots from a Longshot, EMBAR or Markza don’t down if they are the killing blow. Trishot doesn’t down enemies either. So that leaves Kait, Marcus and the COG Gear all of whom could just grab a Trishot and be effective, or try using rifles and get annoyed by enemies magically turning unkillable on a difficulty setting where you can’t go running after downers however you like because it just gets you killed unless you’re cloaked as Kait. It doesn’t add anything to the experience or “difficulty”, it’s just annoying.

But point is, TC never even once seems to have thought adding background health, damage and accuracy by increasing the base of those three values for enemies every time the difficulty increases, on top of having “poisons” for them like every version of Horde has so far, AND modifiers for more health and damage wouldn’t result in anything less than a completely artificial difficulty and ridiculous sponge fest that punishes you for BLIND FIRING out of cover because enemies still hit you while you do that anyway and deal enough damage to down you with 1-2 shots from almost any range if they’re not Grenadiers. Which literally isn’t a mistake. Nor is poking your head out to shoot but you still get punished for that “mistake”.


Excellent post. Great points. I agree with honestly everything. Its why i never liked horde that much even when it was brought into 2… wave 50 to me… is not fun…just tedious

One reason i posted this, reason why i personally dont like the added health… i already hate fightin sponges in mp… n its not fun in campaign, horde, or escape in my opinion either lol id rather more enemies and smarter enemies rather than… give them stupid, stupid health amounts n damage.


Master is still kind of easy…


All of it can be made fairly easy when playing optimally, thats any game usually. Yet glad u got that out on this thread, masters is easy. Lol…

ya im really strugglin against 1 scion here… its just too much lol

Ok… then.

Yes, master can be kind of easy with the right team and tactics but depending on what players you get on your team even elite can be quite a challenge, which is kind of the reason why I enjoy horde.
And speaking of enjoy, when I want to have a moment of fun, I dont play master.

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I like it. Enjoy the challenge. I guess atleast state the differences… other than that horde benefits from being difficult.

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I domt find shooting something twice instead of once more difficult. Just tedious, its only the scenarios that represent difficulty as currently ai do not coordinate attacks, defense etc at all… especially in circumstances presented in my vids…

I just find it tedious… not difficult… i like difficulty… this is not that in this situation…


Dude then play call of duty, you shoot things once and none of the campaigns other then 3 are difficult XD. Did I mention you shoot things once?

And on master it’s like one shot with a salvo per enemy and lots of maps have salvo and now there is explosive resupply, escape holds your hand now and if that isn’t enough idk what is lol!

No… dont tell me what to play. Thanks…
I like havin less ammo, or faster venom, maybe more enemies in horde than escape so iron man or othrr things… i just dont wanna have to active longshot a scion twice… u have taken my words n simplified them to a point of shooting someone once n killen em… with what??? Harsh language? Lancer? U think i want to lancer or snub to 1 shot kill? Cause i dont… get off ur high horse n stop simplifying things to an extreme to suit ur narrative here

Never played those escapes.
Just hive… .dont want to salvo by myself… sorry… not how i want to llay with a custom difficulty in horde or escape… Thanks tho…

Long shot should never kill scions in one hit no matter the gears game, what are you smoking XD wait till they add long shot bleed damage you know it’s coming.

Plays 1 map and then thinks he knows what escape is :(. Come on man learn the game first Jesus >.<.

Ive played others actually. Forgot i boosted prodigy in some of em, i just have a prefernce rn… lol but ok…

So thats my bad… i did forget

Preference of what, the modifiers always change and enemy hp values change per map too.

Mutators n such. Duh… alao im an mpguys… i do t play much horde n escape ever since i got general

And 2-3 Boltok shots chew me through most enemies with Mac if Keegan isn’t already crushing them, most maps are too easy and scions die quickly with teamwork too.

Teamwork??? I am solo every game usually… but ok

So your narrative isn’t full scale with limited understanding and you’re trying to judge it with minimal knowledge, I’m giving advice how to tip the scales to get the most out of it here.

So you’re toxic and can’t play as a team member but are willing to play team based multiplayer? NOW IM STUMPED.