Gears 'Allies' - ridiculous xp requirements

I just thought it was funny, whining about an achievement actually taking effort.

It’s not effort, it’s a time consuming chore


My wife and I play together quite a bit. The 10% bonus is nice.

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Agree 100% it’s like 800-900 matches with the same people, and if someone bails, you’re screwed.

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I’ve done over 2500 waves of horde with one friend, still at level 3. And 10 measley gp for reaching lv5 with one ally seems somewhat underwhelming when you look at it that way.

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Same here … It is what it is

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I play regularly since day one with my kid…
All modes of game are played.
Same thing : level 3 with 6% xp !
It’s a long road… a stupid joke… again.

TC like disappointement and frustration in general.
They are expert of it.



Still talking about it.

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Horde is the worst for getting allied honor…

50 waves nets you 150 honour in 2-3 hours,
while Coop vs AI will net you 150 honor in 15 minutes,…

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Time to put words into action right?

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I think Horde and Escape need to be buffed,

Simple solution is to increase the amount of ally exp from it,

harder solution would be to introduce ally exp for time spent player together in addition, eg every hour playing together nets 10 ally exp.

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That’s even worse than what is already there. No you can get 150 in 3 hours, and you suggest 10 an hour?

In addition means extra.

I also suggested buffing the current amounts given.

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You’re right, I misread
Still, it isn’t a great change 150 Vs 180 in a 3 hour game

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My group still has 9000 honor to go, we are getting so burned out atm.

I think you are still misunderstanding, I want the current amounts buffed, significantly if possible.

I also want (but this is harder to develop instead of simply changing the numbers to be higher) a safety net of a small amount per hour so there is some reward for playing on harder settings. Currently playing Escape on beginner for example gives you the same ally exp as playing on harder difficulties, despite harder difficulties taking longer and having more fails, and ally exp only gets given when you beat a chapter.

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Created a Master thread for feedback on this topic.