Gears 'Allies' - ridiculous xp requirements

The xp required to get one friend to a level 5 ally is obscene, but then to have an achievement tied to doing this with 4 other people is ridiculous.

The fastest way to do it, which is grinding against AI (which is boring) takes over 80 hours. Doing it on something else like horde or actual versus could take hundreds of hours.

This should really be addressed. At present, for a lot of people, the achievement for playing with a full squad of level 5 allies is more time consuming than the seriously achievement.


Got this on sunday, vs bots guardian with 1 friend and 3 dummy profiles.

My friend and i have near 42k ally points.
We manged 50 matches in 4 hours, just the 2 of us playing.

Most rnds take between 15>35 secs, district the worse as speaker would hang about near spawn😒

Totally agree with TS.

Why should you have to have dummy profiles, why can’t they just make it normally achievable and fun.


Can this be done in Custom vs AI lobbies? The only time I tried a custom vs AI lobby was complete Tour of Duty objective and it didn’t work.

Yep, achievements aren’t fun. Been like that for a while now.

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This! I hung up my hunting shoes awhile back and only enjoy gameplay. When you are spending hours doing a meaningless task for 50gp it’s time to reevaluate why you game.


Exactly. You end up being spiteful towards gaming and just sitting there watching guides as you play instead of actually playing the game yourself. Not to mention you don’t even bother playing some games because the achievements are too difficult so you’ll never get them all. It’s not a good system.


This is so true,

I am an achievement completionist and I avoid many games because of that.
As a gearhead I take the grind for this franchise, but sometimes hate myself doing it.

When doing campaign for example I do not enjoy it as much as I should, because I am mainly working on getting collectibles and stuff.

It is what it is.

I’m glad someone brought this up. I’m doing this with a dedicated group of 4 other guys and it’s soul crushing. You have to play with the same 4 people for like 100 hours at the same time, and that’s IF you’re just boosting it by playing Guardian Vs AI on Beginner. If you try to do anything other than that, with maybe the exception of Dodgeball, you’re looking at double that amount of time. The XP requirements are absolutely preposterous. It’s not fun. Nobody at TC thought this achievement out at all. You know it’s a horrific achievement when more people have Seriously 5.0 than BFF!

If it was just one person you had to get to level 5, i could see people viewing that as more realistic.

Then if the second achievement was just for playing with four level 1 allies, to me that makes more sense.

However, in general the xp to rank up needs assessing. I have played with the same friend for many, many days and we are only just level 3.


Does your world end if you cant get one achievement meant towards squad play?

Its not about someones ‘world ending’. whether you care about achievements or not doesn’t really matter.

There is a community who do enjoy having achievements being part of their gaming experience. However, personally i don’t think this achievement is working the way that it was intended at creation. As somebody else has pointed out, if more people have seriously than BFFs, something is wrong.

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TC said its meant to be something earned over the course of years. People shouldnt have it yet. The game only came out 4 months ago.

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People who don’t care about achievements should get the hell out of this thread.


No custom dont count only pubic .

Not sure about you guys/girls but i have small friends list about 75 or so, i don’t add ppl just for the sake of adding them

Not many ppl i have on my list would even think of doing this, most aint interested in achvs any way.
You need 26125 ally points for 1 ally which is way to much, also YOU still need to win to get the points…

Almost as bad as seriously 3.0 but at least u could play privte for them
On true achvs my friend and i were 41st and 42nd to unlock this.

Its for the 100% achvs, they no ppl will still do it which means more ppl still playing although everyone doing this will have dummys playing vs bots instead actually playing ranked gms as in gears 1 seriously 10k kills. :man_facepalming:

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I just thought it was funny, whining about an achievement actually taking effort.

It’s not effort, it’s a time consuming chore