GEARS 6(Xbox One or Next One?)

So does anyone think that GEARS 6 will be on the current geneation consle or will it come out after whatever the next Xbox One ??? is called?

seeing how MS is already working on the next Xbox , its possible Gears 6 could be on the new Xbox


I think Gears 5 will release on Xbox One, S and X.
If they release a new console then Gears 5 right after, many people may not have switched or updated to the newer console yet = bad for sales.
After Gears 5, they could announce a new Xbox then give it a year or few, then next Gears 6 on new console.
So Gears 6 on next Xbox, or Xbox Two.

Next box :wink:

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If they make a Gears of War 6. It will be on next gen console.

Next Xbox, unless it’s going to be another iteration of Xbox One.

Like… Xbox One Y :smile:

Lmao gears 5 isn’t even out yet. Let that one actually be made then worry about if there’s gonna be a 6. :joy:


It was said to be a new trilogy, meaning three games.

Actually, the box of Gears 4 said “beginning of a new saga” or something like that.

Even if they call it “trilogy” right know, they can change their mind, like 343 did with the Reclaimer Trilogy/Saga.

I’d prefer a trilogy, but if it’s gonna be more than 3 games, hopefully they’re not gonna go to crazy with that :smile:

I wouldn’t particularly mind if it all came to an end with Gears 6 or even with Gears 5.

Frankly, it SHOULD have ended with Gears 3 - I like my stories to have definitive endings.

Average console lifespan is about six or seven years. Since MS is already working on the next console, and since Gears 5 is slated for a 2019 release with about two or three years before Gears 6 given Gears 4 came out in 2016, it’ll more than likely be on the next generation console.

We wouldn’t have got answers to many things from Gears 1 to 3.
Like, did you know that there was high General Sraak overthrown by RAAM.
Gears would feel like a dead or dormant series, but I’d rather they carried on after 3.
So far, they’re doing a good job.

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Gears 6 will most definitely be on next gen Xbox or launch on both this one and the next one.

Although Halo 4 was interesting, Halo 5 has completely ruined it for me :-1:

Gears however seems to have done it right and kept it interesting with a good mix of old and new characters.

It is probably too soon to make a judgment on Gears 6, we haven’t even got Gears 5 yet and we don’t know how long either Gears 6 will take to be made and released and how long until the new Xbox comes out.

I’m already thinking about Gears 8 and why the Gnasher still isn’t fixed :+1:

It will be a launch title on the next xbox. Too late to come out this generation. Especially if we’re (hopefully) still playing Gears 5 years from now.

I’ll articulate differently.

I like sequels up to a certain point. If a world is well crafted, whether it be in a game, film, or book, it deserves to be explored. But once the most pressing questions have been answered, then the need to learn more fades away. Would humanity succeed in staving off extinction? What are they willing to do in order to accomplish this? How will this affect the characters involved?

Gears 3 neatly answers all three. The games left some lingering questions and don’t give explicit answers to, but the main story has delivered its conclusion. I don’t think they needed to answer everything, things like RAAM’s history didn’t need exposition, because Gears is a character driven story where the world should rightfully be about how the people we’re introduced to deal with the setting over rather why the setting exists in the first place.

And it’s perfectly acceptable, even desirable, to have both so as long as one remembers that the former should take precedence over the latter. But when you’re just explaining everything without a hook, it’s nothing more than irrelevant history and the developers are just seeing how long they can drag things out.

If they were dead-set on kicking off a new saga, then the series deserves to be taken in a new direction that asks different questions accompanied by overhauled gameplay mechanics to compliment the changes. Instead, Gears 4 ends with us asking many of the same questions that the original trilogy asked along with gameplay that is exactly as it was in 2006.

While I’ve mostly enjoyed what we’ve gotten so far since TC has taken over, it hasn’t been different enough to say it was worth risking the legacy set in place with Gears 3. I’m still looking forward to Gears 5 and maybe they can shake things up, but I want there to be a stopping point eventually. Naughty Dog knew when to call it a day with Uncharted, that series’ legacy is secured.