Gears 6 what if it was FPS?

Morning Gears
I hope Thursday morning (UK at least :wink: ) finds you happy and well. Just thought I would “gauge” opinion re Gears going First person. I was discussing it with some Gears chums (while playing 5) yesterday.

The feedback was a resounding NO, due to it becoming just another coD or Halo and that Gears would lose its identity.
I tried to get my head around it and for me also it is a NO. I think it is highly unlikely to unthinkable that it happen of course and I can’t imagine there would be much if any love for it, but it would be great to see and read other Gearheads thoughts.
Do you think there would ever be a time that Gears could do this, maybe a spin off ? I mean they changed RE from third to first with the universally acclaimed RE7



If they did anything like this for a main series title, I would think it should be an optional feature, maybe only for PvE modes to keep playing field for PvP even. And for the camera to either go to TPS view in cover and when rolling, or TPS in cover and fixed to where the head would be while standing during a roll.

No because wallbouncing would make you throw up


Spinoff, sure. Main game they couldn’t. And we would finally get a useable lancer which would be cool.

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I think it should remain a third person shooter. Gears is a cover based shooter not an FPS, I think it would kill off what’s left of this franchise if they went FPS, you’re talking about changing the game’s genre and identity.

This game already makes me throw up. (Not an insult it genuinely does give me motion sickness. So did Arkham Asylum back in the day. No other games do this. I have NO clue why these do.)

Any spin-off would be welcome , I’m one of those craving for Gears Tactics to get my hands onto the OG Grubs again (:smiling_imp:) -
But FPS? Dunno man , there’s a shitton of FPSes out there. I would actually prefer a Locust-War class-progression Borderlands-like RPG game.
But heck , that would be pure madness , leave it in my dreams.

Yeah sounds great

Should have an ability where you can build walls to cover behind on the fly

No we should not, but you know that you little tinker :wink:

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If they made a main game a FPS it would kill the franchise for a load of players who have a strong preference to 3rd person games.

Ehm , Sir , your gamertag means a certain funny world in Italian :grin:
Are you partly italian?
(Sorry for OT)

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My prediction for Gears 6…chainsawless Lancer…to have a chainsaw on your lancer it will cost £10

Well…at the rate TC are going anyway.

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Wow… that is one of the most ignorant statements i have ever read…

It will also be in store rotation so u can miss it lol now its fixed xd

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Why??? They made us pay for the Kurbstomp…you know…(chainsaw aside) the most Iconic kill in Gears.

Good, then it will come to an end

Swing and a miss…

Lol no I’m not Italian but have google translated my Gamertag into Italian and it made me chuckle.

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No. Gears is not a FPS.Nobody would play it. Technically Gears 5 isn’t a real Gears of War game either. The gameplay in this game is so bad it dwarfs compared to its predecessors. It’s like a little cousin of Gears of War. Called Gears lol

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The answer its no man… I mean if Gears of War be changed to a FPS I think almost none of us would even have the heart to stay on this forum not a minute at all. .

I think we would go back playing Ninja Gaiden or Super Mario Bros if that happens.

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Haha I wouldn’t like this as a main franchise game but if it was a beta I’d def try it out and give my honest opinion. I think it would be pretty interesting to play it first person. I remember CoD Advanced Warfare was sorta similar to this idea where you could slide and bounce around and you could actually sorta “wallbounce” in that game I found it really fun. Besides the whole jet pack thing the sliding was real nice. I always viewed it as a FPS GoW :joy: