Gears 6 Weather Maps

One thing I’d like too see in Gears 6 is more Weather Related Maps that affect gameplay or change the map @TC_GEARS

Linked Post has a Comparison of all maps in Gears so far

For Starts I think the opposite of avalanche would be neat…

Like have one map with a beach or close to the sea and every 5 minutes a tsunami hits half the map. Then the water recedes back to reveal new cover and have a new area open up after the tsunami

and a Swarm map set in the hive ? Kinda Like the nexus in Gears 3… It could have stuff going on in the background… like a snatcher waking around and laying pods and have then have a juvie run into a nest and become a swarm drone that could be training or leave the hive

I’d also like another windflare map like in Gears 4 Reclaimed

Just some map ideas for TC do you guys agree or disagree on wanting more weather maps that affect the gameplay or change the map in some way ?


When TC makes their own original maps its usually a banger map.

Foundation( yes the meme map), Fallout, Forge (both versions but i prefer the night version), Impact (both versions), Original Lift thats actually in a mine, Relic, Diner (literal perfect 10/10 map imo), Dawn, Asylum, District, Allfathers Arena, i like Pahanu but i completely understand why the majority doesnt, Reactor, Ritual, Tomb, Village.


Not only that but most of their environments are very vibrant and feel like a gears map.

I guess the only exception would be allfathers but even then it gives me Azura vibes.

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I think it’s safe to say that, for the first time, we can now have a dynamic day and night cycle in each map, thanks to the power of Lumen and Nanite.

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Gears and Vibrant in the same sentence? You must be mistaken, we only do dark and gritty around here.

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My mistake, I guess I forgot that these maps existed.



You photoshopped that blue sky in.

I also colored in the autumn leaves :smiling_face_with_tear::upside_down_face:

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Yeah a day / night cycle would be cool but id like more weather aspects like in Gears 4


You reference “Weather Maps” but you also mention a map with ‘Highway’-like Swarm hive background environmental activity, so I’ll assume you’re interested in less static maps in any form. I’m all for that.

My concern about a “weather” focus is it historically seems too easy to fall into the trap of the (IMO) lazy trick of a simple visibility reduction like Trenches dust, Artillery tornado, Harbor Haze, Icebound blizzard, etc. (recently had a game where that blizzard bugged and stayed in effect for 2 full Horde waves, sheesh, was that obnoxious).

Sightline reductions do alter gameplay when in effect, and I’m sure it’s a lot easier to design and test these than true map flow changes, but I find that technique pretty cheap and played out. And my largest complaint as a PvE main is that the cool environmental change stuff tends to be disabled for Horde (no Avalanche, no Thrashball scoreboard), except for these sight blockers (that don’t also alter the AI’s opportunities).

Icebound is perhaps interesting in this respect because they clearly did try to accommodate PvE, where for some bosses the breakable ice hazard freezes over permanently for the round to avoid the presumably bad interaction. But I’m sure that took more effort to make and playtest than a static map. I’m not especially surprised it’s rare.

So yes, I’d love to see large scale map layout changes (your ideas, Allfathers Arena’s layouts but on a timer or user action), giant backdrop set pieces like Highway, Overpass, the original Lift, or more environmental hazards like trains or the Forge incinerator. Heck, I’d even love to just get minor destructability back (chainsawing Mansion’s wooden furniture, the glass that flies off of GoW 3 Blood Drive’s signs when shot, pieces of wall breaking off and remaining there) or silly interactions like The Slab kickballs.

Gears 5 maps look good, but nearly always look the same way. Very few buttons, traps, or route alterations. Maps that could appear-- or better yet, play-- differently every time/within a match would extend their life.

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Bunker is suspiciously absent from this list. I wonder why…

(No I don’t.)

Bunker may be the worst map TC has made.

L take.

We forgetting Pahanu exists?

Bunker is a decent map, wont accept slander.

Pahanu is 10x better than Bunker. Easily.

So unfortunate :sob:

I’m not a fan of eccentric weather conditions like Windflare but sandstorms and blizzards don’t bother me.

What I’d really like is a storm. Just heavy rain and high winds (that don’t physically affect you). Ideally combined with the long-overdue return of the OG Mansion.

I’d actually like a map that includes a real Windflare, so long as it shoves both teams toward a good power weapon and strong position. Maybe such a map was already in Gears PvP, IDK, I’ve only had two opportunities to play Gears 5 multiplayer.

No for competitive play.

For fun, I’m all for it.

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So far so good the maps need more interactivity, moving things, more physics partly changeable maps. The UE5 would be perfect for those things.
There have been many posts about these topics and people agree that the maps are too rigid.
The question is whether the developers see it that way

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… But we do it beautifully :relieved:

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