Gears 6 Theories and Possible Story

I think that in Gears 6 we may play as JD to avenge Del, but that would be a little unlikely. You never know? Like Marcus said. She’ll be back. And this may be where the Swarm drives humanity near extinction. We also may find their “Nexus.” We may have Kait, Fahz, Marcus. and a new character. Then the finale would be in Gears 8 or 9. Hopefully.

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I’m of the opinion that Kait should remain the main for at least Gears 6, don’t see very well how JD as main would fit into her story as the main character, so unless they gave him a specific act or chapter to him again, I don’t think he will be in the main lead role.

or they can do multiple storylines with them

I just hope the ending would have something to do with humans finally leaving Sera and
somehow getting to Earth xD

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Hopefully Kait Either dies in the next one or she turns into the villain and we get to kill her in Gears 7…if there is a Gears 7


I think we should go back to playing as Marcus with the narrative focused around Marcus mentoring Kait - That was my favorite thing about GoW Ascendance, a story I enjoyed a lot more than that of 5. And Marcus is THE boy, the face of Gears. If Halo went back to the Chief, we should go back to our icon.

I don’t see any point in going back to JD, Kait is not really interesting to play as anymore, now that all of her mysteries have been answered + she didn’t really get any development as a character across those 2 games, other than maybe hating the COG a little less. Del? C’mon, who wants to play as Del…

Also, I’m not a huge fan of the whole “Humans created the Locust” thing. The Locust where the coolest when they were shrouded in mystery. When I played Gears 1 for the first time, I adored the concept of an ancient, advanced civilization of creatures that no one knew about, because they’ve existed for milennia miles underground. Explaining their origins took away from that and turned Gears into another generic “Creation turns on the creator” story. I’d like them to fix that somehow. maybe by saying that only Myrrah and drones where created under Mount Kadar, but the Kantuses existed in the Hollow for thousands of years and they just merged into the Locust civilization we know from Gears 1-3. Maybe some of the Kantuses started worshipping/admiring Myrrah, there was a civil war and Myrrah’s faction emerged as the victors.

On that note, am I the only one who feels like the creation of the Locust is being moved closer and closer to E-Day with each game? In Gears 5 they establish it happened early during the Pendulum Wars. Then in Tactics we learn Sid was stationed at New Hope? How old is he? 70-ish? Assuming he was at New Hope around 20, the Locust were created more or less 50 years before E-Day? That makes no sense. How would they build Nexus or achieve such levels of technological and bioengineering advancement in such a short period?


Gears 6 is many many years away. Gears 5 is long term game. Don’t expect any more flagship xbox games to be rushed out like usual. Xbox is changing its biz model.

Need like 2 more gears games as Kait.

Might as well develop her & stick to their guns.

I’d respect that than flip flopping characters…

Then make Kait the next leader of the swarm

You realize what you’re getting from that isn’t Kait but just Myrrah taking over Kait’s body, right? That seems lame and not really a great way to end the character.


You just peeked my interest because queen Myrrah has always been my locust/swarm character of choice…

So now I really want that!

Yeah well you probably already got that with “Queen Reyna”. Chances are about 99.99% that it is just Myrrah having taken over Reyn’a dead body. Likewise, I imagine if Kait was ever to turn Swarm it was just the body controlled by Myrrah and not Kait, so it’d really be pointless to want Kait to turn Swarm as you’re just then up against yet another Myrrah, so to speak.

Imo they should’ve come up with a more unique Swarm villain guiding them than just going “Yeah, it’s just Myrrah again”.

And I really doubt this is the direction they’re taking with Kait anyway, given the way the story has unfolded thus far. Not to mention I think there are far more opportunities to build Kait by keeping her human and you know, with actually Kait in control.

Gears 1 , 2 , 3 , Judgement came out once ever 2-3 years and Gears 4 and 5 had a 4 year difference. Gears 6 will probably come out in the middle cycle of Xbox Series X life.

There was a 3 years break between 4 and 5.

I doubt it. That’s not the approach Xbox will take looking at the signs. Look at Halo.