Gears 6 release date?

Just an interesting article that I found. Take it with a grain of salt.


Well… I dont like this.

If this is true ofc.

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This mostly isn’t an actual release date. TC just recently started working with the new unreal engine so there’s no way they can just make an entire new game in such a short amount of time.

I wouldn’t expect (and hope) to come out until holiday 2023 at the very earliest. Maybe a reveal at E3 next year, then more info at E3 2023. TC should take their time and make Gears 6 the best game it can be.

Also there was a Halo 5 “leak” from GeForce as well back in May saying that Halo 5 was getting a PC release. A community manager from 343i confirmed this to be fake. So I wouldn’t take this too serious.


I hope this is wrong. If not, it’ll just be another rushed mess and we can all kiss Gears goodbye💀.

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Might be the date Gears 6 gets announced or we get a teaser trailer.

TC is not that quick to make a new game on a whole other engine lol


They cant even make a plentiful game on launch with 3 years, 4 and 5 are proof they cant stick to the old epic games launch system. They need like 4+ years for sure.


Interesting names in the list, I’ve been waiting for Silksong for a while now.

But no way they’re all true, Dragon Age 4 with so little development time can only mean EA intends to kill Bioware for good this time.

As for G6, I’m gonna sacrifice a few COG prisoners on ritual and pray TC takes their time and releases a well polished game this time.

Interesting news nonetheless , thanks for sharing.


I just want a well working Gears 4 pvp.

Campaign? Meh. Pve? Don’t play unless I can hop on someone’s backpack

I’m getting Forza Horizon 5 next Friday though :fire: :fire: :fire:

What’s funny is that they have somehow achieved “perfect” modes in their two games

4s pvp and 5s pve, they are very capable devs but I would lose brain cells and half of my life if I were to try to determine why TC makes the decisions that they make.

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Get game pass and you can play it today my dude.


Gears 6 will be the culmination. Mark my words…

(unless it doesn’t happen, forget I said this)

I have it, I didn’t realize it was early access!

Might have to finish Halo 4 and then delete the MCC so I can have enough space lol


My Forza Horizon 5 is at 52% after 16 hours of downloading​:sob::sob:. I don’t get it. Usually every other game downloads super fast, but this is going a pitiful speed

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Gears 6 being the “Halo Infinite” of the series?

I’m all for that.

Which is exactly why I want them to take their time on it, it may not help or it may do a lot of good, but I think it’s worth a shot.


I notice new games or updates take long up until the 50% mark, then it races to finish lol

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I hope this’ll be true for me. :crossed_fingers:


I have faith in TC still, even though I have every right to not be satisfied.

I really do think giving them extra time might be key, and it could be good for us too. Giving us a break from them and vice versa I think is healthy, we get to come back with a fresh mind when 6 comes out.

Gears content has been pumped out every 2-3 years nonstop for the last 15 years, I think it’s due time for a break in that time.


Heads up. Horizon 5 in Game Pass (as in, the “free” version) comes out Tuesday (or Monday if you are willing to change your country to New Zealand).

Currently the players are either owners of the $100 Premium version or got the $50 Premium Upgrade, which also includes the Expansions and VIP status.

In short, If you want to play today from GamePass you need this:

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Good thing my pay day was today, hehehe

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