Gears 6 release date (Speculation thread, not anything official)

Apparently I read somewhere that maybe gears 6 will be released on November 10 2022​:thinking::thinking::thinking::grin: or what do you think it will be released on hmmmmmm

That was just a rumor based on something Navida published.

LOL eh, what? “Apparently”? “Maybe”? Either you read it or you didn’t.


I know a guy who knows a guy who knows this guys ex husband, who knows the ex husbands dog trainer, who also knows the dog trainers sister in law who knows someone at Amazon who knows someone at TC who works as a janitor who said that gears 6 will be released.


And from all of those people there is only one who knows the release date of Gears 6: one of the dog trainer’s dog! :dog2:

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My brother knows a guy who’s cousins uncle’s friend knows a close relative of an employee that works at a freelance dev house that’s had close ties to TC’s publishing studio. They said that their best friend’s mother’s sister (and a lifelong friend) who’s been in touch with a person that’s close with the 3rd main guy at TC, is gonna spill the beans about an exact release date…. eventually.


I hope with some good and faithful direction, some polishing and some heavy thinking during development, it stays in development for another 3-4 years as some smaller offshoot, experimental spin-offs come out so that by the time Gears 6 is actually ready, it’s good.

But we live in the darkest timeline. And Cliffy isn’t coming back.


But neither does Michael!(?) :sob:

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I mean there’s nothing official but it isn’t a ludicrous assumption. We get a new Halo game this holiday so it makes sense Gears is next since they tend to release in opposite years to one another. Plus it’ll have been 3 years since Gears 5 with previous games having a release cycle similar….
It’s likely. Can’t wait for the BS ‘f-you’ achievement grind once again…

That’s less than one year from now. Highly doubt it.

With as little map content as with Gears 5, it should actually be possible on 11.2022, what TC had to do since 2019
Gears Tactic until 4.2020, Halo a little help 2020/21, Series X Update Gears 5 Content 2020. I don’t think you had to pull too many people for Halo. So you have a lot of manpower available in 2021 and 2022

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It was leaked from Nvidia’s GeForce Now servers… It had Gears 6 set to launch on that date… So grain of salt I guess…

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[qI think a release was planned for the end of 2022,
In question, they can do it

@CommanderCH2863 showed me this.


I find this much more believable. 2022 would be far too soon given they’re using a new engine. Plus I suspect this was always the plan for TC. They probably just expected GOW5’s lifespan to be a bit longer and to take us much closer to GOW6 but didn’t anticipate it to die as soon as it did. Covid may overall have caused some delay too.


The same.
2023-2024 seems more likely.

I wouldn’t mind waiting longer if it means we will be getting a solid game. Not a disaster that g5 was at launch .

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I’m ok with this date tbh, but I would prefer 2025. '23 seems too soon.


I hope not