Gears 6 PVE Suggestion

They should comb these forums not just for good ideas but for the people having them and then recruit them to beta test the hell out of 6.
This testing would involve:
Discovering which characters|classes|whatever were OP and which ones were too weak at EVERY level just not the top and bottom; and trying various fixes.
That would want being able to step into a test level 18 (or whatever) character without losing time grinding them up.
You’d also want to test the grind too of course and that could either be a parallel test or the final phase.

I suppose this whole thing is just a test with Gears 5 being a game as a service - but the danger and the need for testing is that if you give something too good then take it back it’s going to anger people that worked for it or were enjoying the hell out of it so finding out something is too good after people love it is worth avoiding I’d think.

I also recommend more controls to regulate who you play with. A lot of people complaining about Keegan’s grenades needing to be nerfed could have satisfied themselves to play with people that they knew wouldn’t make it annoying for them if they had that option.

TC didn’t even do a beta for 5. If you remember, we just had something they called a tech test.

I agree. A long beta would be useful for Gears 6.

Other games even do two phases.


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I’ve tried so very hard to forget that experience.

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We’re all playing the beta right now what are you talking about?


They need to go back to 4’s system in regards to PVE for 6… the hero system just delays characters far more than it needs to.

I go back and fourth on that; The class system would max out faster and leave you with less to work towards and the hero system opens up to varied ultimates.
But the big thing is that now that they’ve got JD so strong then it seems like kindness to make a few others as strong in their own way; and with that if you don’t prevent all of the absolute strongest from grouping up then it’ll be an overwhelming cake walk.
I don’t know the exactly right answer but since people have payed for the game and learned to love JD then taking him down will incite rage whereas if it was a closed beta test where we knew up front that things would be changing drastically and often then our expectations would’ve been managed :laughing:

Or they could even stick with this system just dont lock it to characters

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If it gives us a higher character release rate I’m all for it, that’s my only real gripe about the hero system, the ults are cool, but ya.

That’s defo the way forward, pic a character from an extensive easy to add to list of characters then pick whichever class ya wana rock

Also think we should have more card options, something like pick any 5 generic cards from a pool every class has access to, to suit your playstyle then 5 class specific cards

What could possibly go wrong?? :yum:

Wasn’t this a thing in 4?

Good ideas don’t come about during the beta period, their made in the design process well beforehand.

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There were some generic cards yes but once latter cards were unlocked any build using them was weaker than it could be, I’d really like to see them again but this time kept in the loop permantly whilst not affecting the class specific build or becoming redundant