Gears 6 open world idea discussion

first of all i like to say sera always has been a main character of gears and never had a chance to be explored properly so i think with gears 6 and proper development time coalition can do amazing things.

if they wanted to go with open world i’m all about it, but not some random generated procedural map with couple of foliage here and there or some kit bash hard surface building around the map with 0 purpose.

my biggest problem with gears 5 they used term "open world game’ for advertisement and marketing and in reality it doesn’t even come close to standard of classic open world games yet the modern one , and that’s why people felt disconnected.

another reason is gears 5 open world side quest doesn’t have any purpose or positive effect on story neither in character development or world building and that’s why felt meaningless.

to be fair gears 5 was the first coalition attempt to make a open world game and they did a decent job with 2.5 years of actual production.

let’s assume they want to continue the open world stuff in gears 6 so here some of my idea’s i like to share.

game contains 2 big part :

  1. explorable huge world which you can choose your squad and be able to free roam around the map and complete missions. like you be able to choose marcus and jd going around the open world doing side quest and they have unique dialogues. this will help character developement.

  2. second part is linear gears of war campaign with specific characters like following kait story . typical 4 or 5 act story.

with each act we progress in story, something will change in environment like new world bosses and increase swarms patrol.

so if anyone feels like to explore the sera they can choose what ever character they want and see their characters interaction while we can have the kait and delta squad linear story at the same time.

-huge open world with different biomes and city area.

-day and night cycle, weather system like razor hail , wind flare, etc…

-wild life and unique creatures that sera has to offer. (untamed hollow beasts to swarm creatures )

-be able to use vehicles such as armadillo or track mule and etc…

-meaningful side quest like escort mammoth to the new ephyra against swarms attack and etc…

-world bosses , each region of the game contains high rank swarm boss and each time you killed them queen reyna sends more upgraded version of the boss.

-random encounter with swarm enemies in open world area, from swarmak to carrier and groups of warden elite.

-cog or outsiders outpost you can defend or upgrade against swarms attack.

-explorable new underground swarm city ( something like nexus )

-relic weapons need to be more creative and they must have upgradable attachment so we can modify or purchase at cog armory and also have different looks.

-relic armors with upgradable part you collect from ruins of sera or world bosses from legendary to common attachments.

so what do you guys think?


Id be down.

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Already threads on this topic, most recent one from @grey_mineman


I want it to be like GTA 5 open world.

Marus and the squad on a yacht fighting a Kraken? Hell yeah!




Theres so much in the Gears universe that an RPG could easily be made. I say “easily” in the sense that no new enemies/weapons could be made and there still would be enough source material to make an RPG.


Thanks best friend! :face_with_monocle:

They should really take a Destiny 2, Warframe, The Division approach

Open world, with some limitations to the areas, so we can still have integrated maps that will be used for pvp. With some limitations to each area, not everything will have to be directly connected, so you’ll need to use a Raven or something to enter every area. Unless they could seamlessly connect a map like Regency to Nexus.

No classes, just enhancements through the card system, and one slot for the ultimate ability (swappable).
Kill enemies and do missions to upgrade gear for PvE. PvP would be unaffected by upgrades.


The gears universe is quite simply massive, an open world style RPG is more than viable & could potentially be very cool.

The lore is crazy when you start looking.


social hub is a great place to afk or team up with new people or show your new cool gear or most importantly pick up new single player, multiplayer or raid challenges from familiar faces like baird, cole, clayton, jinn…

allfathers headquarter would be a cool place to hangout with people pre-match or team up for open world raid.

2024 is the 10 year anniversary of microsoft aquiring gears franchise so the game need huge changes while keeping the core mechanic.

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I hated the open world, and i think they should get rid of it. I don’t play a Gears campaign to waste time travelling between locations. They should focus on keeping things linear and finding new ways to make that more interesting and interactive - Maybe adding puzzles like the old TombRaider/Zelda games, to get a machine working or to open a door.
Gears 5 did a good job adding lots of environmental hazards that made most fights easier. so they could add more of that too.

If they do opt in for open world they need to stop putting collectibles behind god’s back - another huge waste of time searching for that stuff in a desert.

The collectables were definitely not the problem. Those dumb jack components were excessive and that’s putting it lightly.

The open world acts definitely need some more spice because if that’s TCs definition of “open world” I dont want any of it. I want more. I’m cutting them some slack because it was their first attempt at something like that but I do expect more if that’s the route they wanna go in the future.

Nah, they’d only screw it up. Just keep Gears Gears. Don’t need it to be another GTA clone. That genre is way oversaturated as is. You’d need to bring something really innovative at this point to stand out in that genre.

Yeah because GTA is the only series on the planet that cant be open world lol.

They can be open world. I’m just saying it’s done to death and you need to do something really special at this point to make a successful one.

I really dont believe that, considering that gears has never dabbled in open world before. I think it will be special enough as is considering what tools TC has to play with.

Open world games are known for being buggy though. Don’t want to put too much on TCs plate. Don’t think they can handle it. Look at how buggy Gears 5 already was being mostly a linear campaign.

Agreed, but I am still holding onto hope for TC to give me an open world gears game.

An actual one too lol.

Don’t forget taking your Armadillo to the NE Customs to pimp it out


i did ask about future gears open world game and ofcourse they couldn’t answer that directly :joy: but they did share their knowledge in regards of gears 5 development and challenges.
honestly i had tons of question but i couldn’t ask because i was busy my self and i just sat down and listen to them for only 10 minutes. i hope more people from forum show up next time and ask their questions.