Gears 6 needs to evolve

Let’s face it gears is dying if it doesn’t evolve.I’m a die hard gears player since gears 1.A lot of people might not like battle royal modes but let’s be honest,it’s what’s happening right now.Imagine a large map in the gears universe with squads of 2 or 3. I think it could be good but the developers need to open their minds and be creative.Then to put the icing on the cake have a classic TDM and KOTH modes with classic and fan favorite maps from all gears of war series in one playlist.


Agreed but tc just doesn’t make gears game modes like how epic did. Meatflag is as about as much gears as u can be while being capturec the flag. I want gears type game modes where it feels like gears. The whole game is it own genre and it should be treated as much


I think come Gears 6 they need to add another pve mode, too much focus is spent on versus modes imo, if the formula isn’t perfected by the end of Gears 5s life-span that’d be two games spent trying to fix it, I think they need to focus on making things Gears as possible take inspiration from the older EPIC games and think of something new…

The idea of a battle royale mode in Gears screams no creativity at all, sickens me to suggest to do something because other companies are on the band wagon, I’d prefer a mixed pve/pvp mode like halo 5s ambitious warzone, while not to halos roots or let alone Gears roots, I feel like the idea had great potential and as a separate mode for gears it would actually do really well, scrapping the req weapons and replacing weapon unlocks and upgrades with standard power weapons or bot reinforcements??? I haven’t really thought about it that in-depth but If you can pull the ‘WAR’ expierences from past gears games and their campaigns I feel like this would be the mode for that…

I’d love to see that back! Modes to make players take different approachs and tactics and change overall gameplay are always welcome to me.

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Some would argue it needs to devolve.

The new PVE should be World at War Style, Co-op centric, require teamwork, and be mission based ala destiny raids, and or the division. One of the teamates/playable characters available should be the Jack bot. You can create your own cog gear . . .

It can’t “devolve” any further.
It has one starting rifle and is still a shotgun fest due to people not liking the boring primary weapon.

People can dislike Judgment but it went in a better direction in many ways.
Gears needs to have to have more weapon variety.
Gears needs to have to have bigger more diverse maps, bring verticality back.

The game is simply stale and can not compete.


The game has way too many playlist.

The evolution pretty much started with Judgment though as in changing the established modes and controls and it’s seen a decline in the fan base ever since.

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No No No, you guys just use that as an excuse.
Gears Judgment was DLC, Sold as a full game.
It removed having two primary weapons and launched with 4 maps.
That was the issue.
Going back to this gnasher only shotgun fest is why the game can NOT compete in modern gaming.


You guys ??? I’m only one person…no you’re not…yes i am.

Lack of maps was an issue but the biggest issue for the majority of horde fans (which at the time were larger in number than VS players) was that Survival was ■■■■■ and as much as i enjoyed Overrun, it wasn’t as good as Beast due to half the match playing like Survival.

Can’t really comment on VS and the gnasher as it never been for me.

Gears does need a big change. The big problem is that the game is a gnasher fest with the occasional boomshot or long shot, with a little bit of lancer spam and that’s about it.

We could go one of two directions to help combat this:

  1. Keep gnasher/lancer starts but make every other on map weapon slightly better. For instance CQB weapons like the enforcer, overkill, flame thrower, sawed off and whatever new CQB weapons would be a cut above the gnasher so players would go out of their way to secure them. Same with mid ranged weapons like Hammerburst, retro, marksa etc etc would some what outclass the lancer.

With this formula you would have 1 power weapon (boomshot, torque, long shot etc) and one set of grenades on map, along with 2 CQB improvements and 2 mid ranged improvements

  1. Go back to custom loadouts where players can pick from a balanced pool different CQB and mid ranged weapons before the game starts.

With this formula there would be 2 power weapons and 2 sets of grenades on map to fight over.


You legit lost all credibility you had here once you literally said please have a battle royale in the next game. One more time, this isn’t COD or Fortnite.


It did evolve! Gears 4 was a Charizard that then evolved into a Charmander thanks to extensive training by Ash Cleven.

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It actually needs to go back to its roots instead of trying to become something it’s clearly not.

What’s next, a first person shooter Gears?

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Yeah but I also said to have a classic mode with maps from all the gears series.This would be targeted for the true gears players.Battle royal mode but gears style.Everyone needs to open their mind.

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No u need to close yours. Gears battle royal no. Also we can barely play 5v5 without lag. 100 people would just destroy the servers


Just remaster gears 3 and call it a day.


5 was the nail in the coffin, after all the backlash and terrible reputation the game had I seriously doubt Microsoft will even bother to do a sixth entry, I think we’ll have a reebot like DmC Devil May Cry in the long future

Remember TC needs to show the people who buys the games and DLC/Microtransactions, that they can do Gears of War right before they can do it differently. When Gears 5 came out I was expecting something different. In reality we got something similar but with little tweaks. I think Gears can be better if they just had an open environment to explore and do things like a Gears soldier. Online is really where all the money potential is. They can still incorporate classic online modes. Giving players more options to do co-op things or pvp with Locust/Swarm

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I do strongly agree that Gears needs to change to avoid total death , but Battle Royale is not the solution.
Just like Hivebuster said , it isn’t creative nor original , it would be just Copy/pasting someone else’s formula.
It’s just trend , I believe it will be gone , some day.
Gears could be anything , there are just so many ideas that could be done , too bad TC lacks any kind of creative spirit.