Gears 6 needs more horror!

Well just wanna say I had a long break away from Gears of War. And now just looking at the franchise and where it was heading with 4&5. Looking at those 2 sequels and how much different they are from the original 3. These are only my opinions, but Gears needs to go back to its roots. Originally Gears of War was made with horror and you can feel it, agree? I remember getting creeped with all the Locusts with the way they were portrayed. Now looking at Gears 4&5 the Swarm they just don’t have that horror feel anymore to me. They look pretty cool but surely not scary. Tho I was mainly a multiplayer person and loved to play competitive, I still liked the franchise story. Resident Evil was Cliff’s inspiration for Gears of War so why not bring that back? People loved the originals for that reason.

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The Trilogy did have some elements of horror but none of It was ever like Dead Space tier. Segments throughout the first 3 games had bits and pieces of disturbing information but thats honestly it lol I don’t know where people get this horror idea from.

One of the things that really stuck with me was from Gears of War 3 when you find a Kantus Scroll that pretty much had Locust bible versus on It about the rockworms because they praised them as gods…Thats besides the point though. The scroll was made out of human skin is what through me off. Ever since I’ve been interested in the Kantus lore. Its too bad they’re all dead.

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I am not sure that it would be possible to top the horror of adding the New Day, or the Netflix deal.


The New Day was obviously just to see if they could sell Character Skins to players. How much they made out of it who knows but I never really cared about the inclusion. I can confirm I used Batista tho. Netflix deal is something how did it make its way there? I guess we’ll figure it out someday. Hopefully the movie is actually something worth the watch.

Gears 2 :sunglasses:

But yeah that definitely added to the eerie vibes the hollow had.


I wish we could have gritty without the dark.

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Gears can go either way, it could continue its non horror story or delve deep into that vibe. I personally don’t care, but that’s not what’s gonna make the games good.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2007) had gore and missing limbs and obsessive swearing every 5 mins in the movie, but that didn’t make the movie good by any means. In fact they thought having that was what makes a good TCM movie, but it’s far from that.

Same situation here with gears, the story itself should be the forefront.

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There is literally nothing they could add to this Franchise that would be worse than The New Day.


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Ken and Barbie movie tie-in.

I’d prefer that over The New Day.

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Even a Dana Sissons skin?

Well that wouldn’t work anyway as it’d release on Halo 3 on the PS3 instead of Gears.


And only available in Scotland.

In where?

Jessica biel made it great

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Only redeeming part of the movie, alongside R Lee Ermy.

Hey as long as Microsoft does not take the Disney route I’m cool but to me it definitely is part of what made Gears of War great. Along with the great characters that people could relate to.

Gears 4 and 5 were very violent, I’m not sure why you think things have changed lol. People are still blowing up and still getting their heads blown off.

The story might be lacking but the violence has never left.

Oh yes very violent but not so drastic. I think the first couple games had this feel like it was the end of Humanity. The swarm are pretty cool in my opinion I like the hunter feel they bring. Do they feel like they are quite impossible to overcome? Look back at General Ram,Skorge, and Queen Myrah how the locust kept humanity shaken with fear.

It’s also a different time though,

Gears 1-3 had already established that the COG had been at war for literally almost a century. From the Pendulum Wars to right into the Locust War. The COG had lost so much during that 14 year period up into gow 1, and it shows in the environments you visit, hopeless and no life.

Gow 4 takes place 25 years after 3, humanity has somewhat rebuilt itself so the swarm don’t come off as this species killer like the locust did. It’s the beginning of the war, and not just that, but the way the swarm are presented, they don’t feel like species killers.