Gears 6 needs lots of dialogue between Kait and Reyna

Gears 6 worries me because as of right now I don’t care about the relationship with Kait and her mom and that’s a big problem considering she’s probably going to be the final boss. Part of me thinks that Marcus should have been the swarm king somehow because we had 3 games with him and it would be a lot more impactful to see JD have to kill him. I really hope that 6 has multiple flashbacks as well to flesh out their family bond.

Queen Reyna isnt Reyna, its Myrrah in Reynas body. they could have flashbacks with Kait and Reyna together so that issue could be solved there.


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Gears 6 needs a different studio


Id be happy if Reyna just straight up kills kait.

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Kait has plot armor. The most powerful tool known to man in video games. Especially when it can stop a Hammer beam from killing somebody.

And it would be Myrrah’s doing, if you want to be technical about it.

Bro, I will literally fight you guys to the death on this theory until it is actually confirmed by TC. :joy: There’s no real proof of this and it’s only speculation!

If it’s not blatantly shown to us and it’s left in “dead space”, then canonically, it is subject to change. Just like JD/Del’s death isn’t canon yet , and just like the origin of the Locust which was left a mystery until TC told their version of the story in Act 2 of Gears 5.

If it was Myrrah in Reyna’s body (which is a ridiculous idea to comprehend in the first place) then why would they not have explained your theory in more detail to let us clearly know that Myrrah’s consciousness survived in the Hivemind and took over Reyna’s dead body???

The writing simply f*cking SUCKS!!!

Like I’ve said before, Gears 5 makes literally no sense because it is BLATANTLY made clear to us that Reyna dies at the end of Gears of War 4, which obviously leaves Kait as the next queen for the Swarm.


Then, out of nowhere, Reyna magically reappears in Gears 5 after somehow being woken up a strange cutscene that gives little to no explanation as to what’s actually happening.

“Queen Reyna isn’t Reyna” like I’m sorry but how dumb does that sound? They just wanted to leave us to come up with that rubbish on our own??? Not trying to sh*t on your theory but that doesn’t make any damn sense if it isn’t explained properly.

If that was their big idea of some kind of an amazing plot twist, it is my opinion that they completely failed.

Like bro, how does it go from that weird dream-like sequence to her physical body being resurrected and returning as the new queen? Even if it was just Reyna it would still be ridiculous, but to say that’s Myrrah in her body or even just coexisting in her body!!??! That makes no f*cking sense dude!!!

There has been no definitive in-game explanation to this and until it is proven to be true I can’t go along with these theories as though there is concrete evidence to explain it. You guys kill me with this sh*t man! :joy:

Because the fact that Myrrah is literally talking to Kait through the hivemind connection and shows up in one right before entering the Kadar lab isn’t a completely, totally obvious, unmissable hint…

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This is whats worrying you about Gears 6?

TC making Gears 6 is what’s worrying me.

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Lmao are you for real? Kait had tons of hallucinations leading up to that moment throughout Act 2 that weren’t actually real…

The whole point that I always try to make that goes over people’s head is…

Until TC actually tells us the written canon, we are left with only the ability to speculate, and we don’t actually know what the f*ck is going on

“Hold this L like your mom did Kait”

Im about 90% sure of this theory about myrrahs conscious still living.

It makes a whole lotta sense,

If not then it’s gotta be that Reyna is just straight evil now because of her increased connection to the hive mind in gears 4 even though she was killed.

It’s already been confirmed. It’s also quite obvious if you ask me.

Anyway, I’ll post the link to a previous post I made about this, to save time:

And those hallucinations which you say aren’t real only started right after the Swarm kidnapped Reyna and Kait killed her, which made them look for an alternative solution for a queen, to which Kait was the closest match, and Myrrah attempts to take her over several times, particularly at the beginning of act 2 where Kait inadvertedly kills Oscar when put in control of a Warden(and several other Swarm beforehand) while Myrrah’s mind was talking to her and clearly deliberately doing so.

Unless you think the voice and appearance of a person Kait literally never saw nor knew is something that suddenly was made up by her mind alone, I don’t see how it’s anything but obvious. Are we now also going to assume Lizzie is still alive because we never explicitly saw her death nor got any direct confirmation about it?

At worst Myrrah and Reyna exist in a shared consciousness but quite honestly, the behavior points much more to Myrrah than Reyna being in control.

theres a line I think in bloodlines confirming that Lizzie is a bunch of ash.

It sucks I know but she aint coming back lmao

Yeah, right. I only read it once so far. I tend to ignore what TC did with Lizzie in favor of not getting pissed at them for “Hurr durr Carmine must die” every time. Still, point is that even if we don’t get direct confirmation certain things are kinda obvious. The whole Myrrah thing is.

its extremely obvious, its not Reyna lmao.
and yes people still like to defend the kill carmine trope. its not even beating a dead horse, its kicking the bone dust thats left from the horse.

I would like it if Lizzie and Garys dad were to survive in the 6th game, we gotta stop torturing Clayton, he needs somebody.

I’m pretty sure that he has other family members or we wouldn’t be seeing more Carmines pop up around the place.

It’s funny you mention this because the fact that TC didn’t even do much with Lizzie sparked an idea of my own. If you want to know what that’s about, well… wait and see. You can find a hint in the off topic banter thread though, if you’re willing to search it. Not that TC would ever care because they do their own thing… well, mostly. Sometimes they do listen to us.

well there is the 4th brother that Ben mentioned. Im certain he is Clays last little brother. and he is more than likely the papa of lizzie and gary.

ill take a look, im curious.

According to some there was a hint to a D Carmine in Judgement, but I don’t know where and haven’t looked for it in the Campaign either. So if he didn’t die during the Locust War…