Gears 6 My Wishlist & Discussion

Disclaimer: After Gears 3 I’ve primarily been a PvE player when it comes to gears games, I’m not saying it doesn’t have its place in Gears…but I’d prefer not to talk about anything versus MP related in this topic unless it is directly relevant to the discussion, I’m sure they’ll be plenty of relevance as Gears 5 seems to be (Regardless of what others will have you think) mostly built around versus…yes there will be ranting, I welcome it, just don’t rant to me about versus, else I simply will not respond, versus is its own separate demon that I am not here to try and fix, still to this day it has the entire community divided and I’m NOT interested in feeding into it, my goals with this post are to discuss the future of Gears of War’s PvE experience and unite like minded players.

Firstly I’d like to list and then discuss with you what I think are some of the great things to come from “The Coalition’s” games in the series that I would like to stay or stay but be improved on…but return for 6, if you think I missed anything feel free to bring it up, but of course this discussion plays a major part on my own opinion.

  • The Swarm
  • The DB
  • Escape
  • Boot Camp
  • All TC Weapons
  • Escape Editor
  • Map Sharing
  • Tour Of Duty
  • Mantle Takedowns
  • Daily PvE Challenges
  • Jack

Now here are some things I believe should be improved or removed completely…

  • The Fabricator
  • Class System
  • Marks
  • Blood-sprays
  • Expressions
  • Skin System
  • Control Scheme e.g (RB bs)
  • Multiplayer HUD Overlay
  • Marcus Fenix (Story)
  • The Locust (Story)
  • One-Liners every 2 minutes
  • Multiplayer Tuning included in PvE modes
  • Knife Melee

I’d like to see a massive focus on the new swarm war, as much as many would sooner see the swarm wiped clean from the series…frankly its terrible writing, I personally enjoy the swarm, they are worthy successors to the locust, they just need fleshing out further which could also be said for the “New COG” and I can’t think of a better way than all-out war, bring the war back to Gears of War.

Horde in its current Gears 5 state is…overly complex, how? You might ask, well you only need to take a trip down memory lane to realise it didn’t need everything extra it has now to be great, Gears 2 horde merely needed a full lobby of friends, Gears 3 horde (Considered the last and best iteration of horde) while of course new ideas and “stuff” was added, it still retained iconic enemy variations and new, arguably I believe what keeps PvE players engaged is believing they’re taking part in current/past events in the campaigns.

Might sound silly to some certain players, a game within a game? I remember playing Gears 2 with my friends and all equipping either the Anthony/Ben Carmine characters so as if to look like our own squad of cog gear, we’d clear maps as if they were our own missions for the COG, we’d fully immerse ourselves as soldiers fighting on E-Day, there are a stew of reasons why we can’t recapture this same feeling in current Gears 5 horde, many of which include the items listed above, e.g the class system removes player equality, weapon damage is different for everyone depending on their class which forces you to play a certain way for 50 waves!

As opposed to Gears 2 and 3 where more or less the weapon you used was a deciding factor in what role you would play (No wonder people are quitting early in Gears 5) it’s almost like I’ve had certain freedoms removed in the new iteration and I’m constantly being reminded it’s a game, furthermore we were all casuals once, feel like the devs give us too much information in the new games, no room to figure things out for yourself.

I think the addition of the older enemy pools might not be as far fetched as it would seem for horde outside of campaign and escape, I suggest a era system, locust, locust + lambent then swarm, while I like the deebee I feel they should only be used as friendly units, as they were awful to fight, nothing satisfying about it, a perfect display of this was the support JD got in the Gears 5 campaign, where he would have an option to call down different type of DB.

Escape is actually a perfect example of immersive PvE, hive busting? I’m directly impacting the war against the Swarm? Intro cutscenes displaying my character in a story like manner? I’m engaged,

Escape definitely impressed me in many ways, the characters originally meant for escape were bland at best, if it wasn’t for the hivebuster dlc I don’t think I would’ve been able to like them as much as I do now, if anything escape could’ve been introduced with some random cog soldier nobodies and it still would’ve been more interesting than 3 random unique nobodies…that look like they have back story but nothing in escape implies they do so I simply don’t care who they are…

I think escape is still a mode I believe has its place, as it is V unique to the swarm and captures this a lot better than it ever will in current horde for example.





I like it personally.

The best inclusion to TCs gears. Back then in 2&3 certain weapons could not keep up with other weapons, classes can make most weapons more usable in the later waves.

They are a little buggy at times for me, especially playing demo.

I dont think they are a big deal at all, I get a little tilted seeing them in pvp but then again 5s pvp makes me tilted in general. I’ve kept the same 10th anniversary cog tag blood spray on lol.

Some of them are useful like “group up” or “fall back” or “sorry” because you can only so much if you dont have a mic on you, and texting in game chat without a keyboard takes centuries. I could live without the laugh emotes and some of the more annoying ones.

You’re gonna have to elaborate a bit on this one.

I’ve used tourney since 4. I’m ok with what we have.

It’s good to me, I’d like to see what you would want improved though

What more story does he need? Hes a side character now, let him be one. I prefer him as a mentor anyways. I would rather focus on his kid and new Delta. We’ve had many comics and novels and games about Marcus or involving him. the new cast deserve the same treatment.

Again, let’s focus on the swarm. No more locust.

I love the one-liners, it sucks some of my fav characters have sucky ones now (Dom and Ben Carmine) but I think they are good with how frequent they are, my issues are more with the lines TC chose to give to some of the characters, Dom and Ben had better ones back in the day.

Too bad horde and escape actually have a good movement system, it’s the only time I dont feel like a slug.

I would love more variations but the new knife combat is great.


Agreed, Makes PvE more than a 1 or 2 gun game.

I think they are refering to the custom mark icons, personally I like them, lets you know who is marking what.

I think they are saying they want marcus out of the story entirely, same with the locust.

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With how TC handles some of the legacy characters, they are fine as is. I don’t think they take up too much time but they are still intertwined with the new people.

I love them as well and some of them look cool.



Class system needs a overall equal to everyone/or get rid of it,too many times People, don’t play as team players./Get bigger scores,Then any other character
Fabricator remove it,as people don’t share the weapons locker/and/or fill them with heavy weapons,boom shots,etc,etc,so that it’s just a one man/woman army
This is my view(s)not trying to being disrespectful.

So no fortifications at all?

Go back to Gears 2 style,and like I said this is my view,not trying to disrespectful to anyone just getting frustrated with horde 5 sadly

this sounds like a random issue, and also define your definition of “team player”

this sounds like more of an issue with randoms.


Another oldbie that cannot accept too much new things :roll_eyes:. Too much undefined key words/concept like the improvement of those things you don’t like.

Highly flexibility for players to decide what to play or what to play & how to place it as the base.

People who don’t like this type of things are mainly fixed mind, lacking the creativity of how fun this game is.

Too much grind ? I do agree, but too much classes ? I disagree. It should have more & more classes to play with instead of seeing demo, tactic, marksman, veteran everyday. They aren’t the problem, but the reason of people using them is mainly they’re easy to use & broken.

I have said it many times these classes aren’t balanced at all, but still a majority of players claim that it’s fully balanced. A skilled player shouldn’t use every class skillfully, it needs to be a dimension of the best suitable certain type of class to show off their performance. The similarity of those classes are clear in GoW 5, but at least TC have tried the best things in Gears Series.

However, it seems general base players want to be as simple as GoW 2/3 and I think they’re really sucked in changing their mind thought. Still in 2021, and the environment of players are disappointing as they aren’t willing to change themselves.

What do you mean to ? I don’t really get it.

It’s too hard now to be a good player, knowing how to familiar with the game.

But again, talking to the wish list, it’s been too early to discuss with it.

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um… what?

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You do realize a skilled player can play every class skillfully & dominate everything.

However, it shouldn’t be existed in balanced game because it shows the skill gap significantly.

Giving to the example of people playing blademaster and marksman. Why mostly people can play good blademaster, and they can also play a good marksman ?

I mean these skill gap isn’t clarify in Gears5, which is only a start of class system, so people don’t really know what skill gap really is or what “balance” means to the game.

My meaning to a skilled player mostly referring to one dimension of dominating, but not multi dimensions of dominating, it may happen, but it shouldn’t be most of the players can do it because the game is too easy to play.

I think it’s a bit difficult concept, but like MOBA games that giving you multi dimensions of classes / roles, people only choose their best to train with.

im not sure why its an issue if someone is good with every class. it just shows that the player is a swiss army knife when it comes to pve

the classes in 5 are pretty simple to understand, with some exceptions like marksman and blademaster. but tbh pve in general is simple to understand.


Because mostly everyone can do it, this isn’t about skilled, it’s because something insides Gears 5 are very broken making people have their thought “They’re skillful, but in fact it really isn’t come close to skill”

Like PvP Ranking, why most players can achieve Master Ranking, which most PvP players don’t like this ? And they prefer GoW 4 ranking (I don’t know as I don’t play GoW 4)?

ehh not really lol.

it is skill though lol. some classes require it more than others and some dont.

that system actually put you in the rank you were. it wasnt random like how 5 is with bronze players being able to reach masters even though their skill is on a bronze level. most ranked matches in 4 were balanced.


But the classes themselves are already broken for skilled players to play like the ultimate.

Yep, main reason I don’t prefer using ultimate / spamming ultimate is a skilled player.

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key word right there.

I dont think you using your ult makes you a bad player, for me sometimes I dont even bother to use my ult because im having fun just using my cards. like for infiltrator, I use it for when I get really hurt, same with pilot. or with bm I save it for boss waves or if im stuck in a jam. you could say its skillful that I save it for those situations.

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I tend to give up on what I’m saying, hopefully someone really knows me what I’m saying.

My meaning to a skilled player:

Only a few of them (All Skilled Players) can dominate all classes as maybe they’re kind of E-sport level player in PvE :heavy_check_mark:

Most skilled player only focus on one dimension of Classes like Melee / CQC / Long-Range / Mid-Range :heavy_check_mark:

Skilled players in other games may be referred to 5% of general base players. but I think Gears 5 now currently has more than 5% (maybe more than 10%) of these players, which I think it really isn’t reflect to what a skilled player means to be. They’re not skilled player statistically to say. :x:

Current state of class system or card system is making things very easy to kill, so what’s the skill inside it? I’m talking to Horde only

How to show you’re a skilled player, just play classic horde by having 0 advantages of classes & no ultimate. fabricator. It shows the whole skill of your team.

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to eaches own.

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