Gears 6 might actually work!

Now that Xbox owns many studios, there is someone out there who can fix the lag, delay, crap, etc. That’s plagued Gears of War.

Talent to help TC ACTUALLY fix it instead of them just saying…“you missed”.

How exactly is TC going to “fix” lag? Not all of that is on their end.

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I am curious about how TC is supposed to fix “crap, ect.”


From what I understand, the whole thing would need redone from the ground up. That’s a tall order for a game that doesn’t get much relative attention and whose heyday has pretty well passed.

Not to be a downer since I would love nothing more. But, you know. Keeping it real.

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The main focus should be the design and functionality of the game. Horde is in a good place, despite some bugs, but we need features from past titles that worked.

War Journal for a bloody start.

Here’s hoping they take inspiration from Gears of War 4’s Versus over the mess that is Gears 5 Versus. I’ve said it since the launch, put the chainsaw back on B, Executions back on Y and give me the damn OG damage omen.

Restoring Hammy to her former glory wouldn’t hurt either.
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Not sure — but they literally did it like 2-3 months ago.

Oh also, Gears 6 is DOA.

I feel like it’s just a bad mixture of Gears having a relatively small player base spread out across the globe. Instead of US West connecting to US West you have AUS connecting to Brazil connecting to US East connecting to the UK. All spread out so either you can’t find a game or it gets messy real fast.

I was gonna make another bingo board/scavenger hunt and this already cleared one of my slots.

Wouldn’t Gears need to be built from the ground up again anyways when moving to UE5?

I miss it. Load up Gears 3 once in awhile just to stare.


Her name is “Ham Ham” and she goes blam blam. But in single fire, not burst.


I get why lag occurs when connecting to foreign servers, but TC can’t do anything to fix lag if you’re still on dial-up.

This is true. Just started on COX wifi, great for downloads, (Downloaded all of Tactics in like ten minutes) but has a tendency to just ■■■■ out on me when I’m having a great conversation with a Miner Man in shades of Grey or in the top 5 of an Apex match.

Never happens to you. Lies

Top 7 but like, it would’ve been!

But i seriously want to know how to fix crap. I’ve been having trouble with it for years.

Massive emphasis on “MIGHT”

Easy…hand the gane to another studio

Eat some activia. It’ll help keep you regular.


You can have your Ham Ham, I have my loyal Hammy from Gears 2/3.

That’s the Hammy Im referring to. I just call her Ham Ham.

WHAT?! You’re telling me you have specifically used my 6-times-onyx Hammerburst “Hammy” that absolutely slaughtered throughout the duration of Gears 3, agitating hundreds and spawning endless “‘modded” messages?

I shall have words with her immediately.


I didn’t realize she was with you! That little tart

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